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How SEO Has Generated 3 Deals In The Last 5 Weeks For This Investor

by | Aug 30, 2022

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Join Shawn and Roger as they kick off the new season of the webbuzz podcast. Where you will get the real talk around real estate marketing and business. In this episode they interview a father son duo that is absolutely killing it in the Houston, TX area. 3 deals under contract and a 4th in negotiation in the last 5 weeks. All from their SEO campaign and 100% organic to their website. Sit back and get ready to take some information into your marketing.


What’s going on, everybody. Welcome back to the web buzz podcast, the podcast that has taken a major, major hiatus, but it’s all for the better. I wanna welcome back. My, my co-host, my sidekick, the Google NA himself. Mr. Roger, Valez what’s going on? My man. Going good man. Going good. It’s great to be back. I’ll be, I’ll be honest.

I think we’re talking about this backstage. It’s been a while. Um, but you know what? It was a much needed kind of rest, uh, regroup, get some ideas going. And I mean, what we have planned for the upcoming months, um, is gonna be awesome, especially this first one, this first one’s fire man. So I’m, I’m, I’m excited.

Absolutely. Get rolling on this one. I have a question though, before we get going, how much did you practice or rehearse yesterday, today? How nervous were you leading into, do you even remember how too podcast I’m gonna be honest how nervous and how much I prepped was probably, uh, probably the, the five minutes before this.

awesome. That means, but, uh, that means folks, all those other episodes didn’t go to waste. We actually got Roger into a podcaster role in it. Yeah. Oh, yeah. You know what? Yeah, one of the things I, I think I can throw out there, a lot of us, uh, do have that, that camera fear, that, uh, audio field, just putting content out there, just your thoughts.

Right. And, um, that’s one thing I think last year was, uh, a big, uh, milestone for myself. So I gotta give, give kudos to Sean. pushing me in that direction. And, now we can hop on and you know what, when you’re, uh, pretty much kind of, uh, and you know, you see yourself at the point where you’re an expert in your space, you can feel confident enough to put some information out there.

So we always kind of push our clients, get out there, cuz that’s how you build, uh, your authority and your markets, right? Whatever you’re doing. Um, there’s nothing wrong with that when you know, uh, somewhat what you’re doing, uh, you’ve done the research. You have the education behind it. Why not? Right.

Absolutely. Now the next thing is that we have to work. Is his background, the background. So I went to all white here. just gonna add some color pop that’s it? Yes, yes, yes. I have, uh, a nice screen coming up here so I can have something on there next time. So that’s gonna be something to look out for for the next podcast.

Um, what’s gonna be behind Rogers wall here. Awesome. Well, today, as Roger said, folks, we got a fire episode for you guys. We got two of our I’ll play favoritism here. Two of, probably my favorite clients right now in the moment, uh, on the show with us. And I, I say that because they’ve really become, they’ve gone from this transition of being our clients to what I would actually say is more kind of like family friend, right?

Really close, um, relationship. We spent some time earlier this year in Houston with them while we were at an event, we got to know me even better. They’ve been out here to LA to the office and. I’m excited because, and I don’t wanna give too much wages yet, but they’ve seen some massive growth just in the last handful of weeks.

And it’s because of a lot of the stuff that Roger and I spent a lot of, uh, earlier part of this year, late, last year talking about they took action. And now the, the fruits of that action are starting to kind of come to the surface. So anything you wanna share before we get diving into today’s. Yeah, no, no, no, I I’m.

I’m gonna go in the same direction you were going in regards to this, this duo, right? Um, that, uh, they’ve kind of become almost like family. It, it feels that way. So, uh, internally with our company, that’s been always a company culture, how we build internally and how we try to express ourselves and help our clients and build them almost like a community, but also family.

Right. Really care about the results where they’re going and we all grow together. But this, this duo, this, this group, um, this company, I mean, they’ve, they’ve followed, you know, they trusted the process and that’s something we push on on a lot when we both, when you come into, uh, one of our levels of packages or services that we offer, but then there’s a lot of education behind it on what you should be doing next.

Right. Mm-hmm and this particular company has followed those steps step by step. And it’s taken a little bit to get to where they’re going. You can’t start at the top. Right? You gotta work yourself there. And I think, uh, right now we’re, we’re kind of reaping those, those rewards of all that work that’s been putting out there.

So yeah. Excited to bring ’em on and, uh, kind of talk a little bit more about it. Absolutely. So with that folks, let’s go ahead and get into today’s show.

First reactions. That’s the first time you saw the new video I mean, that is pretty cool. I’m gonna have to give, uh, a shout out to our, to our video guy. Um, tomorrow he’s done a good job. He’s been with us for a while and he is starting to get to know kind of like the brand really good and what we like, so yep.

Love it. All right. Uh, well, before we introduce our, our guests, I do wanna say today’s show is brought to you guys by a lead vault CRM. It is our marketing platform that Roger and I have put our blood, sweat and tears into and hands down. What I think is probably one of the best automated marketing systems CRMs out there in the real estate space.

So if you’re a real estate investor and you’re looking for a good CRM, Leval, CRM is a great option. And the two guests that we have on today, They’ll probably say some good things about it because I know they’re loving using it. So our guest today is none other than the dynamic father, son duo from Ohana legacy properties out of the Houston, Texas market, a market that probably is gonna be flooded out and, you know, Just a chain of, of islands in the near, you know, 50 years.

But currently they are rocking it, helping the Houston area, uh, and I’ll, I’ll let them get into more specific on what they focus on. But I wanna bring on Chris and Sal. Can you guys hear us? If you can welcome. Hey, hi everybody. What’s going on, guys? Great. Oh, I love that intro, man. I’m pretty dynamic. Did it?

Did it pump you up? It did. Yeah, I’m ready. I did three back flips behind my chair before. Oh yeah. so in case you guys don’t know, Chris is a, uh, very athletic weightlifter. We’ll call it that I don’t, I don’t even want to call you powerlifter, cuz I think you could power through even more than that. But uh, I think I saw you back there.

Or something , you know, I can’t wait until we get a, uh, an office room. Right. Awesome. Well guys, get us going here. Tell everybody you guys can kind of decide who wants to, to answer each of these different questions, but give us a little backstory who is Ohana legacy properties. Who’s Chris and Sal. What is that you guys kind of do?

Who do you focus on helping in the real estate space? Give us a little backstory. Okay. Um, well, uh, Chris and I are father and son. Uh, we live in, we live in Houston and, uh, I had a very successful career in the corporate world. You know, like most people do. And, uh, after six months got bored and decided we needed to do something, uh, to keep me busy and, and also to keep, uh, you know, provide for, provide for everyone else.

Um, and we sat around the table, decided we needed to get specific training. When we sat around and talked about what we’re gonna call this company, uh, the. Chris. And my daughter came up with this Ohana thing because it means family, no one gets forgotten or left behind. And I thought it was great. Uh, so that’s how we use it, but everyone thinks we’re Hawaiian.

So we have to always say, no, we’re not Hawaiian. We’re actually Italian. And we live in Houston. Let’s not explain that and let’s go from there. Um, but, um, the thing we did, we’ve got some real strong, formalized training, similar to what Sean and Roger did with actually the same group and, you know, um, but that group only could take us so far.

And we, we reached that point pretty quickly, uh, probably within a year. Uh, and we knew we had to do something different. Um, and we, we met up with the TRC folks and the REI toolbox guys really liked what they had to say. And we, we joined in and, um, At first we’re like, oh my God, I hope we’re doing the right thing.

But we, we know we’re doing the right thing. And we have told them always we’re in we’re in, because we know quite frankly, we couldn’t keep doing what we were doing before, because we do before we, we hit a brick wall, we were done. Uh, no one knew who we were. Um, our website sat there and just collected dust.

Um, you know, we, when, when Sean and Roger came in and started talking to us, they were pretty direct and said, you gotta change everything from the business cards to, to this. And, and, and, and after we got off the first few phone calls, we were shaking our heads going, oh my God, how much work we’ve got. But, um, that’s, that’s how we moved forward.

And even from then, and I’ll let Chris, uh, step in, even from then we got, we got off the, off the ground. With Sean and Roger, but then we had to take the next step. And we didn’t really know until we, we really paid attention to the workshops that these guys put on, uh, the training that they were doing. I mean, not that everything was per not that everything was perfect, but we listened.

We took notes. We, we, we, after the call, we debriefed together and we said, what is it that we need to do? And we really didn’t know a lot about that, about shrinking down and really focusing in until, uh, several months ago. And I’ll let, I’ll let Chris fill in on that. But Sean and Roger were very influential to us.

Especially when they came to Houston, they were, they were working with another group of people and they took the time to sit down with us in between drinks, you know, in between cocktails. And I think I have a, I think I have a picture that’s perfect of, of Chris holding the drink for Roger so that Roger can work on the website while Chris lets him still drink.

Absolutely. That was the teamwork that we found between the four of us. And that’s when we realized we were, we were family. And then we, you know, and as the night went on, we started telling a lot of lies about each other and we started really started to believe everything and that’s how the, the close relationship started.

But it was at that point in March where things really started to shift where they made us a marketing. Machine as opposed to just being out there. So Chris, I’m gonna let you, you know, well, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll stop at that point. yeah. I mean, that, that covers the base. So basically like my dad was saying, um, there was a time where he was retired and uh, didn’t know what to do.

And I was personal training for 10 years in school and I heard a, heard a commercial on the radio. I’m sure a lot of listeners or, or people have heard about that. Uh, that particular commercial that comes on says, Hey, I am, I’m just gonna say it. Right. Dan me’s commercial. And we’re like, cool. Let’s get started.

Let’s go to the three day free workshop. It’s free. Right. Cool. We go in, get there. They’re like, oh, we’re gonna give you a little bit. And then later trail you on until the big package. So we put the big package in, you know, like how the story goes and we are a year in, in COVID hits. Right. When it, when it hits and we, we have a website we’re doing as much direct mail as we know how to do for as many different avatars, as we know how to do, we’re doing everything everywhere.

It, it was a mess. It really was a mess. And we didn’t have a system. Um, we could, we could talk to people we could sell, but we just didn’t have a system. And so my dad had found Sean and Roger low and behold through social media somehow ended up having a consultation call. And, um, the first six months I was on those calls, like a deer and a headlines.

I don’t know what the hell they were talking about. They were speaking from alien language, especially Roger. I, I had to Google what S E meant I had no clue. I literally, I, I was talking about fiance and I was like, what is the SEO? Do you know? She goes, no, lemme Google S E. So I had to, you know, we, we stuck around and we were like, you know, these guys are very.

Very intelligent. They know what they’re doing. They have a process. And most importantly, I’ve always said this and, and, uh, they know when I’m in person, they, they really care really, really do care about your success. So we saw that and, you know, we put in the work, we said, let’s give it a shot. And it took, uh, you know, we, we got, we got along for a few months and it took up until a trip that we took in LA, um, few months back.

When was that guys? I can’t remember June. June in June, right? Yeah, it was. Yeah. So we, we went to that trip and it was a great trip because it got to dissect every single part of our website and our SDO campaigns and our marketing. After that, we come in, we implemented everything possible that we possibly could worked late hours, long days.

And it’s finally started to pay off cuz there was a time for three years. We were not, you know, where we told we could be by, uh, the group that we originally started with. So, you know, I’m sure we’ll get into it a little bit more, but we’ve started to finally yield results. We’ve started to finally, after all the work and the videos and me being red and shy on camera, we finally have some stuff going for us and it’s been, it’s been an awesome ride.

And, uh, it, you know, it’s funny, it’s funny because we’d be on these, on these, uh, these programs with Sean and Roger, and then, you know, We’d get on mute and I’d turn around and look at him and say, did you understand what they said? And I said, no. I said, oh my God. I said, I’m lost. You know, and, and that was at the beginning, but the good news is through text messages, through phone conversations, Sean and Roger were able, I, I said, look, dumb this down, man.

I, I, I just don’t understand. Yeah. And you know, even to this point, you know, we got a separate grease board whiteboard so that I can do do, uh, you know, diagrams of what an SEO is and what a lead magnet is. And so I can understand it. So, um, but they helped us decide that we were, I, I, what the right word, you can play in a big pond with everybody else and catch one or two fish, or do you go to a smaller pond?

When no one else is not, a lot of people are fishing and decide what, you know, get those things, the beauty of what what’s happening now. And I, I know you guys have some questions, but we were talking about this, cuz we were just came back from a, a two hour round trip to look at a house this morning. And one of the things we said is on one of the islands, like yeah, one of the islands Sean was talking about, um, uh, is that the good news is we don’t get a lot of leads now, but the leads are qualified because they’re searching for us.

Hold on. I got, I got something for that comment right there.

That was gold, qualified leads, qualified leads, leads, and, and, and actually, uh, the one this morning as for, you know, One of the techniques that we learned is, is it’s, it’s not just all texting. It’s not just all emails. It’s not just all direct mail it’s and Sean and Roger have told us this it’s a combination of everything and, and the reasons behind that’s different.

So, uh, I know Roger makes Sean makes a lot of fun on my pens and my sticky notepads. And that’s the old pharmaceutical way, but you know what? We didn’t laugh about this, the lead we went to this morning. Yeah, there you go. Hey, there it is Rogers, even carrying your pen. Look at that. just a quick story. Uh, we get a phone call.

We just filled out a contract for one, one particular house that we gotta lead on. And then we get a phone call through the lead vault and actually it’s on lead vault right now and it’s recorded. So I would love for you two guys to listen to it. Um, uh, but it’s, it’s the guy says, Hey, I, I gotta sell my house.

I said, okay. You know, and I’m thinking. I don’t know what he’s thinking. I said, okay, very good. Tell me about it. And we went through the conversation. I said, how did, how did you find us? Learn that again from Sean and Roger, you know, how did you find us? And so I’m waiting for him to say he went through the website and everything else.

He didn’t do that. Get ready, Sean. He said he went to one of these, uh, real estate online services to get a price for this house. They sent him a contract. He sent the contract to his lawyer. Mm-hmm his lawyer looked at it. Put a sticky notepad on it said it, the contract’s okay. The guy got it back. And guess who sticky notepad.

It was, no, it was yep. It no. Yep. you don’t know about the, it was ours. And he said, let me call these guys on the, on this number. And we just went to the house and we’re gonna, we’re gonna put an offer in. So he never signed, he never signed the contract. Attorney says it’s okay. Attorney uses your notepad to write this note, which I sent out because of you guys saying, you know, send some stuff out.

And I sent a packet with notepads and sticky notepads and pens. All right. Not only we have that, but we gotta lead for, for a lawyer. Cause I’m gonna call him and say, Hey, thanks a lot. You don’t know what you just did for us. No, no, no, no, no. You know, we do no, you’re not gonna call him and do that after you close this deal, you’re gonna just randomly send this guy a check with a, with a little monetary donation as a referral payment.

Right, right. I mean, that’s what you, that happened. That happened, uh, Thursday, no Wednesday night. Right, right after your call right after the Wednesday call. And I was dying to tell you guys this the other day, but I just, you know, I called Chris. I said, you are not gonna believe what just happened. I got, I’m gonna rub this in Sean’s face.

Cuz he think he thought that sticky notepad stuff was crazy. that deserves the drop

qualified leads. Oh, man. I love man. You just threw the whole show into a completely different spiral, but, uh, it was nuts. It was nuts. I am coming back to that, but, uh, before I know I’ve got a sh ton of questions to ask and I could hog this whole entire episode, but, and Roger, Roger’s terrible with kind of cut me off.

He always stays polite and quiet in the background and he did that the whole time we were gone on trail folks. See, by the way, this is, it was always quiet in the background. Here it is. But he even has the wrong number. he still got to us but Roger, what do you, what do you got for these guys to get us going here?

Oh man. Uh, I’m I’m kind of like you man. It’s like, uh, they just kind uncovered so much right there. Um, but it, it’s funny. I’m just kind of gonna recap a little bit on, on a lot of this stuff that was mentioned, just so you know, everybody that listens to this, uh, watches, this kind of gets a little bit of a gist and, and hopefully not loses, um, kind of the context of this.

Cause the first thing that kind of caught my attention, I’m kind of the SEO. In our group, right? It’s like, I’m, I’m the SEO expert that always kind of has hops on does some education, but it was really funny. And Chris, what is SEO? such engine optimization. There you go. its are learning something. Right? So when he said that, it’s very funny cuz one of the things that, that is, is important to know about any industry, any business, right?

I think we can all agree that you gotta be, you gotta be a life learner. I mean, we all come to the table with some kind of education, some kind of background, but if you’re you shut yourself off to new information, you’re shutting yourself off for opportunity. Right? So one of the things that I can appreciate from Ohana legacy, uh, Chris and style here is that they are life learners.

They are true, true life learners and they are not afraid to say I don’t. They are not afraid to raise their hand. I don’t know how many times, uh, Sal would be on these calls. Chris would be on these calls with us, our trainings, and at the end of the call, uh, they’re like, Hey, you know, what, can I schedule a call?

I didn’t not get any of that stuff that I astounded important. so we would take the time to do that. The other thing on our end, something to kind of, uh, look at what we do and hopefully, right. I can appreciate what you said there in regards to being able to kind of be open and us taking the time, um, is for every.

You need to listen to your potential clients, right? You heard the, the, the, uh, vert or the word avatar be, be thrown out by Chris, uh, to different avatars. For those of you that don’t know those are your, your target audience, right? Your target audience, your who you’re trying to market to. And if you are all over the place there, isn’t a targeted clear message.

So the message gets lost in a mix. So one of the things that, um, we, we have kind of like tried to strategize, uh, towards and help our clients towards is, is really narrow that down, cuz that will affect your entire marketing strategy. Right? So that’s something that, uh, just going back to just being a life learner, right.

Just keep that open. Cause you guys are, are the definition of that. Um, the other thing is, um, kind of touching on. Is the, the blue ocean strategy. Right. Really finding the, the opportunity within a niche. So a lot of us go out there in this space, in this podcast, we’re talking about real estate and more specifically, we’re talking about real estate investing.

Right. Very, very specific. And then you can even find a niche within that niche. And that’s something that I think, uh, it took a little bit to get in there. And, and I’m not saying that everybody has to go out there and they’re gonna find it right outta the gate. You might have to test a couple of those, uh, micro niches.

Right. Um, and, and see what works for you guys or at the end of the day, or, or the real path is to see what of those micro niches speaks to you. And one of the things that I think, uh, Ohana legacy has done very, very well is they found that niche within a niche that speaks to. That speaks to them that they feel really, really good about that.

They, they are proud to go out there, put out information and want to help that particular avatar target market. Right. So I can appreciate that from you guys. And then, um, the final thing before I hand it over to Deshaun here to put in is, is two senses. I do wanna kind of stress is having the strategy. So, uh, something that, uh, Chris and Sal here mentioned, that’s super important.

Um, we go out out there and we wanna start a business, right. At the end of the day, um, a business is something that’s gonna provide, uh, wealth and freedom for, for, for a lot of us as, as business owners. But we also wanna do something that’s providing a service to somebody else, right. That we’re helping something to move forward.

Right. And in this case, we’re helping in a lot of cases, right? There’s a lot of situations, but a lot of cases we’re helping people that are maybe in a distressed situation or, or just a situation that they have a real estate, uh, property, uh, that they need to get, uh, you know, kind of UN offload. And we need to provide ’em good solutions, right.

That they might have not thought about. And that’s kind of huge there, but with that, we go out there and get all this information. You guys mentioned, there’s companies, educational platforms. I can go for days mentioning these platforms cuz Sean and I have been in this industry for a, for a while. Right.

So we’ve seen this time and time again, um, whether there is a lot of information and I’ll be honest, it’s good information, but it’s all over the place. And it’s really hard when you don’t have a plan of action. So another thing that has been great to watch you guys is to trust the process with us. Right?

So having those next, uh, I just finished reading a wor a, a book, uh, called, uh, your next five moves, right? Uh, by Patrick be David. And, um, it’s great, cuz it basically preaches to what we preach, uh, within our core values. Right? It’s like you need a process. If you don’t have a process, you’re not gonna go anywhere.

No matter how good each individual task is that you’re doing. If you don’t put it in a row, right? You don’t know your next steps. It’s really hard to get to the finish line and then start what’s next. Right? Cause it’s never over. It’s you’re gonna have your next steps. You get to that finish line. You, you get your, you accomplish that, that milestone, but then you grow, you always have to stay hungry.

Right. You always have to stay, uh, ready for that next big thing. And I mean with, I mean, just to throw it in there with COVID you guys had to pivot, everybody did every single industry out there had to pivot. So it’s good to have those processes, those steps, that plan of action what’s happening next.

Because if you have that, then you can pivot no matter what’s in front of you, that way you can just, well, that’s a great point. Um, one of the things that made us shift. Right after March when you guys were here in Houston and we got to really be friends. I mean, I think we spent a lot of time together and, um, we couldn’t outlast Roger and Sean in terms of drinking, but we, we tried our best when we were in LA I think not just record Roger and I were working at of telling people, well, I telling we were working and we, they were, they were at a convention and Chris and I went there really to get help, but we wound up helping them.

We were walking around, you know, pushing people towards the booth and, you know, uh, letting people know what, what good job it was. But that day was the day that you got us going in the right direction. Because we realized after that day we came back and we spent three or four days talking about who moved my cheese.

okay. And it’s a, it’s an old story. And I remember training a bunch of my reps about this. Like, you know, the cheese has moved. It ain’t coming back and you’re gonna starve or you gotta go find the cheese. So where’s our cheese move to, and we’re staring at our whiteboard looking at all these, you know, we kept saying to Shawn, yeah, we got a lot of lines in the, in the, in lines, in the water and we can’t wait, well, nothing was happening and we had to shrink down.

And once we started shrinking down and getting that niche, um, that that’s when things started to cook. So let’s, let’s shift to some juicy stuff. And before we do, I just wanna say, I’m, I’m glad to have the Google Naor himself back. That was just probably the most I’ve heard him talk in, I don’t know, two months he smartly

Uh, it was good to finally hear some passion. Come back outta you. Roger. It was great. But let’s get into some juicy stuff. Obviously, you know, you guys have been with us now for a while. We’ve been talking a lot about that. Um, you, you kind of bootstrapped it early on, right? You got started in our, in our foundation package.

You’re trying to get on these calls, trying to learn this, this whole other language and, and what the heck it meant. And you eventually kind of said, okay, enough’s enough time to get serious. And you guys kind of moved up into a, a little bit more robust package, one where Roger and the SEO team can kind of take all that off your plate and, and just kind of go to work for you.

Let’s start there, talk about that decision and, and what kind of led into it. What was kind of the factors around it? Um, you know, we’re here to talk real stuff about marketing, you know, what was some of the, the, the stress that might have been going around that or what, just give us a little bit of the background on that early transition from I’m a real estate investor, not an SEO expert.

I know this makes sense. I’ve tried to do it. I’m ready to give it to somebody else. You want me to go, Chris please? Yeah, so I think when that decision came from going from the most basic start and to, to, to upgrade essentially was we were starting to get too busy, being SEO X, or trying to become SEO experts, quote unquote, then we were buying and flipping homes.

So it was taking away the times that we needed and the stress, and it was another learning curve. It was just something that we essentially didn’t really desire to have too much time for. And we knew that these guys knew what they were doing. So we were like, all right, let’s upgrade. Let’s get some of the stuff off of our plate so we could do what we do best and what we actually got in this business to do.

And that’s talking to people and helping people with their homes, housing situations, and, and let’s just get it off our plate. And that led to it. And of course it can always, something can always be done. There’s always something to be done. There’s always something in the, on the long arm list of things to do, but this helped freed us to that point.

And also we knew if we did not do this, it would be even slower because you know, everyone’s in a competitive market, right? Like, but realistically, there are markets that are a lot more competitive than others. We live in one of the major metropolitan cities in the south Houston, Texas, and it is massive and that, and we get outgun time and time again, we struggle just getting our name out there.

That’s what we wanted in the beginning, which I’m sure we’re probably gonna talk about branding in a little bit. We just wanted to break the surface new to be able to do that. It’s worth just upgrading. It’s absolutely worth just upgrading. So that, that in a nutshell is what was our decision to move upwards.

So, Roger, why don’t you talk real quick? On on this piece. Cause obviously Chris Sal that you, you make that decision, you know, you’re Mo you know, you know, your time’s being consumed with the wrong tasks and Chris you’re a hundred percent, right. When you say it’s only gonna be slower, but at the end of the day, SEO is still slow.

Right? This is probably a misconception that, that a lot of individuals out there have is, oh, I I’m, I’m doing this work. I’m, you know, whether it’s with us or some other SEO company out there I’m paying to get SEO work done. I should be seeing results tomorrow kind of thing. So, Roger, why don’t you talk just a little bit about that kind of the, that ramp up period, cuz I don’t want people to think that you guys made this switch and all of a sudden that’s why, you know, we’re having all this, the success, right?

There’s, there’s a ramp up period in here and we’ll, we’ll talk a little bit about some of the other stuff that went into that timeframe. Roger, just talk briefly on that. And especially with some of the changes that, you know. Are happening have happened and our plan to, to come here in the future? Yeah, no, absolutely.

I think it’s a, it’s a really important topic cuz it’s a, it’s a topic that just gets thrown around in regards to, Hey, you know what, I’m gonna go ahead and hire an agency and do some SEO for me. Right. Um, and there’s more to it right there. There’s when I talk about, I don’t want to kind of get too deep into what it takes or what what’s in, you know, the task involved in, in running a proper SEO campaign, cuz every industry’s different.

Every industry’s looking for something a little different on how you brand yourself, how you set up your digital footprint for in this. So in this uh, case, we’re talking about real estate investing. So just with, with that, I mean you can have a website and a lot of us, let’s be honest. You go and you look up, we buy houses, sell your house fast, you know, cash buyers.

You look at those websites. And to be honest, we’re all saying the same thing. Right. And it’s really hard to say something different because that, those are the key words essentially, that are being awarded by Google. And those unfortunately, no, or not even, unfortunately just the, just the, the nature of the beast.

That’s what people are looking up. Because if they’re looking for cash or sold, that’s almost a brand, uh, we buy houses, things like that. So that’s what they’re looking up to find cash buyers. So initially we have to make sure that our website has those type, that type of content on there. Right. But at the end of the day, um, if everybody else is, is saying that then Google has to make a decision.

So if it has. A thousand websites in a market that, and it has to decide who’s gonna rank first. Then that’s where the next level of SEO comes in. Right? Once you do your, what we call on page and the on page, meaning the actual website itself, the page, right. Um, has the correct information, the correct keyword.

Now you’re onto the next level. Now you need to be able to build that authority for that page and solidify that you’re a real company, that you’re a local company, right. And that you can provide some value. So how do you do that? You go out there and you start building pretty much, um, uh, pretty much like content or, or profiles we call ’em citations sometimes.

Um, even if you do like a press release or something, those are assets outside of the website. Those are other websites on the internet that are talking about your brand. Those are signals. Those are basically brand authority signals for your. Which is that next level, right? So that’s, that’s kinda like what you wanna be doing.

And then the final part is now you have the traffic now, what, what do you do? You still don’t get leads. That’s realistic. Right? John Sal, Chris, you guys, you know, and, and many, many key words, you guys were still ranking. Well, right. We were looking at it. You were getting traffic, but guess what? Nobody’s choosing.

What’s the problem, right? What’s the problem? Why are they not choosing you? Because they have so many other options. So that final step is kind of separating yourself from all the noise and being able to make sure that you’re the only one they want to talk to. And how do you do that? It goes back to branding the, the message that’s on the, on, on the website, um, who you’re targeting, right?

Who your actual avatar target market, who is that being very, very specific. And at the end of the day, the personalization of the website or the content, meaning do you have a video on there? That’s Chris and Sal talking about their process, right? Do you have pictures of projects that you have done in the past to show that you are really doing what you say?

You’re doing things like that. So I’ll go ahead and stop there. Sean. I know there’s much, much more when going back gives everybody an idea of where we’re heading. Uh, just, just to add, add into that, uh, when they started showing us when, when re I toolbox started showing us where we were ranking. Uh, for example, in the Houston market, we were 38th now not 38th, but we’re on the 38th page.

okay. We were on the 38th page. You know how depressing that is? and we looked at each other, put our head foreheads on the table, going, what the heck are we doing wrong? I said, we’re doing all this work. Well, we didn’t, like Roger said, we didn’t distinguish ourselves. We were saying the same thing. We buy houses fast.

We buy houses with cash. And you know, there were a million other people doing that. And that’s when we knew we had to make the shift. So that actually leads right to the next question, because when you guys got started, right, go all the way back to the beginning of, of your real estate venture, you got started like most other people that go to these guru events get sucked in whatever the case, right?

You, you feel like, oh, I’m gonna be a millionaire tomorrow. I’ll be doing 50 deals next month. And, um, you know, all I have to do is just tell people I pay cash for houses and I’m good. Right, right. It today, Ohana legacy properties is completely different. Oh yeah. Right. Yeah. And talk about that shift. Roger hit on this earlier, but you guys niched down in a niche, right?

Right. Real estate is a, is a broad thing. Real estate investing is a broad thing saying we buy houses is a broad component. That’s all the niche. Right. But you guys have really kind of carved out a, a very niched focus inside of that niche. And we’ll talk what that’s done from a result standpoint here in a second, but talk about why that change, why the shift, why you chose the niche that you’ve kind of sub nitched into.

Talk a little bit about that. We went back and looked at when we, when we were evaluating where our cheese went, so to speak. Okay. After the March meeting with you guys, we went back and looked and said, where are we getting our deals from? And then once we get them, how does that work? And we came to a, a, a light bulb came off.

It was mostly elderly people or people that have lost a lost one, a family member. And they didn’t know what to do with the house. And we stepped in and because we’d had been through this personally ourselves where each of us, you know, I’ve lost my parents and my, my, my in-laws. And we went through that and Chris was, you know, younger of course, but we came across as a family.

We came across very sympathetic and we realized that these people really liked this. We, and we didn’t realize it. We just thought it was part of the process. And Chris made it very clear. We didn’t come across transactional. Like most people. Most people get on the phone and say, Hey, you got a house. Okay.

And we are getting it right now. Cause we’re having an open house tomorrow. How, you know, it’s for this much, will you take less, you know, you know it’s and, and, and then they just hang up where we’re like, oh, how what’s your name? You know, where are you? Oh, okay. I went to that school too, you know, and we tried to make it more relaxing, but we found out that there was certain part of this business that we, we seem to attract, whether it’s by accident or not.

And that seems to be our niche. And, and it’s just a natural way. It’s easier for us to, to help people than to just take something away from them. Okay. A, a perfect example. And I’ll let Chris fill in on this. We went to see a house. It was a probate house and that’s what we kind of did. And there was an investor group that was in there before us remember this, Chris, uh, and we walked in after them.

They invited us in. Hello, how are you? And the first thing the lady said to us was, you’re not gonna try to make me, uh, sign this contract right now. Are you. and we went, no, no, no, no. We’re not here for you to sign a contract. We’re here to find out what’s going on and what we can do for you. He said, well, yeah, this guy said he was gonna take all our junk and throw it out.

I said, I said, well, this is not junk. This is your family’s and memories. And you know, we both were saying this and Chris was walking around, looking for pictures. Oh, your or your role found out she was a, what was it? She was a roller blade or Derby roller Derby. Yeah. She was a roller Derby person. So she was the tough, tough girl.

So Chris and Chris had a conversation with her about that. That’s what we started realizing. Yeah. And, you know, piggyback, backing off that, we took a long, hard look at our, like our values and core ethics. Like for, for instance, our name Ohana. It means family. And we, we literally are family it’s me and my dad and you know, my mom and, uh, fiance.

And some, sometimes people do stuff in the background. So it just. It’s not so much that we like targeted down and be like, oh, we’re gonna use this. It just came natural. And so we figured like, Hey, well, let’s, let’s use the strength of ours to go into that specific niche of probate and to help these families.

Cuz now there’s been so many hours and times to where like we’re sitting there and it feels like a therapy session. It it’s hard. Like these people are going through some hard stuff. Like usually, uh, a lot of times it’s the provider of the home that’s passed or you know, a grandparent that’s passed and they’re in disarray.

They’re just emotionally in disarray and we’re able to come in there and we don’t care about the number. We don’t care about the contract stuff in the beginning, of course that’s necessary, but like how can we help these people? That’s originally what we got into this business for to begin with. Don’t gonna be wrong.

Being transactional was not a bad thing at all, but that’s just not us. It’s, it’s more of how can we, how can we help these people? Like there’s times where I think three of the deal, three of the deals that we’ve had so far, I will physically go in and help them move. Now, a lot of times we’re taught, you know, a lot of these large gurus, don’t be the guy in there helping ’em move boxes.

But what is it? What is two hours of your time to help this lady? Who’s like 55 with back problems who has no moving crew. And what is like, what is it? It doesn’t cost anything and it it’s fulfilling. And it helps. We want, we started this company to make a difference truly in our community. And of course we wanna profit from it.

Like it’s the sweat of our labor. But how, how far can we take this? And it wasn’t happening within the, the standardized list of like pre foreclosure. Like this is a different scenario, very different scenario. Of course, it’s transactional. Like the bank doesn’t care, whether you’re a nice person or not don’t care, whether you’re gonna help them move Bo boxers or not.

They want their money. They want it now. So whatever the highest number is gonna be. One of the things that Shawn Roger has taught us is like specific marketing tactics to play to those strengths. So we just essentially fell into this niche that is just fits us a lot more. So I mean, what I would say, it’s just find that niche, right?

Find what you like to do. I love this stuff. I love little family mementos, little cross stitching stuff. You know, like everyone, uh, from everyone was born like the 1920s, 1950s cross stitch. That’s cool. So, yeah, I, I think you nailed it right there. Right? I’ve seen this far too long. Roger. I guarantee you’ve seen it to, you know, some, whatever guy stands or gal stands on the stage and says, I’ve done all my deals by, you know, ripping off the bank and, and getting loans back in place and, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Right. Or I’ve done all my deals because the best thing out there is, um, you know, code violations. And it’s what happens every real estate person that hears that is like, oh, that’s what we gotta go do. Right. We’ve gotta be doing code violation. Yeah. We gotta do pre foreclosure, whatever the case, right?

Yeah. You nailed it. I think Chris, when you just said it became natural, right? You guys fell on this probate focus, making Oana legacy, the probate experts in the Katy and Houston areas because naturally. You feel comfortable, you feel confident, you get fulfillment out of it. And I also love, I mean, everybody I’ve I asked this question the other day in our, in our Facebook group, you know, why did you, why did you choose real estate as the business, a choice?

And most people always answer back with, well, I wanted to make an impact and I wanted freedom for my, my own self, my family, that kind of stuff. Right? That’s the, that’s the transactional side of it, the profit side of it. But for most, most people it’s, I wanted to give back to my community. I wanted to help neighborhoods.

I wanted to give back to the members of those, those neighborhoods. Right. I wanted to, to have a purpose for my business. Sure. Even so winded go ahead. Even, even as simple as us, when we do make a deal and we sign the contract and we shake hands, let me tell you something. We’re not the, we didn’t give them the highest price.

Like you say, you know, if you’re looking for the highest price, we’re probably not the people to work with. I’m using exactly what Sean told us. And, and the fact is, is that these last three deals we got, we were, we were the lowest by 10 or $20,000, but they still went with us because we created liked us.

And they trusted us because of how we were to the point where after we shook hands and we got the signed contract, one of the things we do is we say, uh, what kind of flowers did your mom, like, what kind of plants did your mom like? And they tell us, like, we’re gonna make sure when we redo the front yard, we’re gonna plant all those plants in there in the front.

We’ll send you a, how, how is that? So, Roger, I see kind acting like you wanna ask. I, I wanna shift us to something, you know, I mean, I don’t, I don’t wanna interrupt to, but I’ll take one minute just for a comment there, cuz it’s, I think it was pretty important. You mentioned Chris. Uh, how long does it take two hours of your day to help somebody move and the heat after selling you.

You helping them through this process. Right. And still kind of helping them move. I think a lot of the stuff, even what Sean said here, where we run into a lot of the, the experts gurus that are out there teaching this more of a shark mentality and, uh, showing you what they’ve done today, right. Yesterday, last week.

But what we missed is what, what, where were they? Five years ago? 10 years ago, right? When it first started and what we have to, to be realistic is you, we can’t compared ourselves to somebody. That’s been kind of doing this for for 10 years, 15 years. Right. We gotta start at the beginning. And this is, I believe what’s being missed in which you guys have picked up on is like, you are kind of getting momentum.

You have to go out there and do those things that are said, oh, that’s too much right. Help them move. Do every plant flowers, do whatever it takes, cuz that’s gonna solidify your brand. And that’s the entire thing. Later five years from now, you’ll be, be able to have a process. It’s no longer you planting the, the, the flowers or moving them out.

You have a company that you’re, uh, outsourcing to already, as you go through this process to still give that feel, but you added it to the process. Now it’s automated. When you stand on a stage and you tell somebody, that’s what you’re doing, everybody’s gonna be like, how are you doing that? But you don’t get it.

They don’t get the beginning. You did that yourself, right. When you first started, then you had a process in place that made sense. But I think that’s a, an important part that we’re always comparing ourselves to somebody that’s been in, whatever you’re doing for two, you know, for years. And it’s your first week.

It’s like you have to start somewhere, which means you gotta get your hands dirty, help out, do everything that you can to set yourself. You know, I mean, I mean, listen, we, we are still digging out of the hole we had from the COVID and everything else. And, you know, we’re certainly not, you know, going CRA crazy.

But as Chris said the other day, you know, we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We see that we’re ahead in the right path. We seeing that we’re getting qualified leads, you know, where it’s, it’s, uh, it’s falling in a lot, lot more natural and that’s making us excited. So I wanna shift to, to that piece here, as we get ready to kind of wrap down, um, the show and Roger I’ll have you kind of get started first and talk more just from the, the technical aspect, because there really wasn’t that much of a change, but it was a massive change that Chris Sal and then basically the whole Ohana legacy brand kind of tweaked a couple things.

And when I say a couple, I mean, we’re really talking a word or two. That’s why I say it wasn’t a lot. Correct. But in reality it was a lot. Uh, so just talk from that, that technical. Yeah, absolutely. And I think it’s, uh, it’s, it’s more, um, number one, you have to have that burning desire in a certain niche.

Right? You want, you have, what I’m talking about, um, is that burning desire is like, you wanna, you want to want to work in that niche. number one. Right. And I think that’s what you guys did. What matters to you? You went and found and through, through trial and error, maybe, right? Cause you guys were, were, were at an event with us and you happened to be in one of the sessions and, and boom.

It started the conversation and then you just float through it and you found that niche within the niche. So that’s number one, trying to find that space within your niche, that you’re really, um, passionate about. Number two, once you made that decision and you’re like, Hmm, this might be a direction we wanna go, you guys made the right choice in regards to then consulting with us and kind of saying, Hey, we’re thinking about going in this direction.

What do you guys think? What did we. It’s all data. It was a data driven decision. Okay. We looked at the data, we looked at where you at in regards to your overall authority, your rankings, right? Your SEO, Chris, you know this um, but we looked at your SEO. We looked at a lot of, uh, the keyword that you were ranking for.

And then we went. Even further in that niche with our keyword. So yeah, we buy houses, sell your house fast. We’re still going after that. But then you made the tweak, the tweak was they went to a very specific avatar target audience. So we did the research around people that were looking for these type of keywords.

We found them and what we found out, at least in their market, that the competition was lower. Right. So what we did is like, oh, in regards to competition, I’m talking about search, uh, people SEO, other, other people going after those keywords. So what we did, we changed a couple of the keywords on their city pages, um, which were targeted certain cities.

And we went after that particular avatar using those keyword. So that’s essentially what we did. And what we found is Google started awarding O along Ohana legacy properties. Um, for those keyword now they knew what you had done. And what we had done together right, is solidify our authority, that we’re real estate investors.

And we wanna. But we wanna help everybody. And when we made the tweak to, we wanna help these specific people in this situation, then we were the only ones there. And you became the top authority in that space. And I can, uh, I guess I can confidently say because of the stories that you guys have shared with us, um, in the last couple months is it’s, that’s what it took is found, finding that, uh, niche within the niche and really kind of going after those key words.

So Pete, the right people can find your content online and then be able to have that conversation with you. Thank you very much. Appreciate that. There’s a lot of work. , it’s worth it. Chris or Sal, whoever wants to take this kind of, um, catch us up now. Cause obviously you guys have been in this transition, you know, basically since started this year, It was moving a little slow, but just recently, some things have started to change.

Things are starting to click to Roger’s point. Google’s finally starting to award it a little bit more. They’re starting to understand it, right? The fruits of this, this labor of SEO work constantly happening, starting to pay off, catch everybody up to what’s kind of gone on in the last 5, 6, 7, 8 weeks, uh, with, with you guys, what you got going on, what’s happened.

And then I’ll ask the follow up question behind that, that leads into something else. But start there. You want me to start? Or you dad, go ahead, Chris. So the past few weeks, uh, I’d say in the past month and a half, we have gotten, um, three contracts cuz there were qualified leads and they called in from our website.

They had found us through Google cuz every time a lead comes in and, and we, we ask and we say, Hey now how’d you find us? Um, how did you, how’d you come across us? And they, these. Responses where I found you online. And I searched to sell my probate home, or I searched, uh, need help selling my probate home.

And they, they essentially looked through our website. One of the things that we were told about is to pay attention to specific pages by Sean and Roger, to bring more attention to, and to put more emphasis in those pages. So we did just that. And those ended up being the pages that actually were more looked at than others.

Um, we can go to explicit detail if needed, but now we have gotten, we’ve gotten more qualified leads coming in than we have, and almost, almost an entire year. And the, the, the beauty of it is they want exactly what we offer. They say, you know, I, after we signed everything and signed the contract and on some of the closings already.

I said, what was it about us that you liked? And they said the things that we’ve been talking about, like, you know, your, your family oriented, right? Your, your father and son, we love that these things speak to us and it’s just, it’s worked in our favor. So we’re in our phone’s ringing. Let’s put it that way.

It’s ringing more than it has the past month and a half than it had for, since our conception, essentially. And, and, and the beauty of this is again, um, what made you go with us? And, and they’d say we love the father, son attitude. We love the fact that you’re a local company, and you’re not one of these big organizations, but we sell that.

We sell that in our website. And what, what REI toolbox taught us is that everything’s gotta go through the website and your website is your a. It’s your it’s, it’s what people look at. And one guy who we got two deals out of, he he’s we noticed on, on, I think it’s, I think it’s lead vault. We noticed that he spent a lot of time on the, the, about page on how it works.

Well, we wouldn’t have thought about that. We would, we would’ve thought it was just another page, but obviously it’s very important, uh, when people are looking at authoritative, uh, level of, of what you’re talking about. So breakdown, I mean, you just kind of hit on it a little bit here. Uh, Chris, you kind of said, there’s, there’s two pages that have really kind of been kind of the, the telltale story, right?

Every time you ask, what kind of major your decision or how did you guys kind of decide to, to reach out to us? It seems to stem back to a couple pages. What are, what are you guys seeing right now? What’s been kind of the big. The big aha moment that you guys have seen the about page that literally it’s you put into context of it’s like the redhead stepchild of everyone’s website.

Like it is neglected. It’s done once and then neglected, but that is actually a crucial important piece, uh, because we have pictures, you know, of our family, um, actually the engagement session that we put in there, um, for that day. So there’s like special moments and there’s biographies like deep biographies.

And of course it needs more work, but we noticed that is being looked at quite more than we would’ve expected because of our specific target audience. Secondly, would be the how it works, Paige. Uh, we have a video, so, you know, we were pushed to do content and rightfully so we, we did the content and it makes a difference.

Um, it’s awkward. It’s all hell like being in front of camera. I was just gonna say, it’s not the best video. No, let’s, let’s just be honest there it’s not best video. It is. We got, we have this green sheet, that’s like a, it’s like a bedspread sheet upstairs. we have the lights, our electrical tape to the floor, and I’ll just do a tiny little bit of editing to put our logo in and stuff on those videos.

And like, it, it works, but almost that that’s kind of the beauty of it, right? Like it’s not too clean. Cut. It could be better. And in time it will be better when we grow. But as of right now, that spot works. So the, how it works the about us page and obviously the, the main homepage, and that is a whole nother animal that takes quite a lot of work.

And like, one of the things we did, uh, when we got back from LA was look at every section and how it makes it user friendly. And these guys, by the way, we, we used the heck out of your, uh, customer support while you guys were mountain climbing, we really busted them, but they, they really helped us a lot.

They’re awesome. Oh man. They’re awesome. Shout out to max, by the way, that is audit. We, we do love max. That is for sure. Max keeps the support side rolling smooth and, and we had to have some hard to hard talks about what he was writing versus what we were feeling right. And we have to cross out a lot of stuff, but they were great at, at listening to the feedback.

I think it kind of educated them to the, to the avatar, the two different avatars that we’re playing with now. So, uh, nice. Uh, Roger, anything on that before I get into kind of this, this rapid fire session here at the end. Uh, yeah. You know, I do, I do want to kind of mention a couple things that are gonna be very, very important moving forward.

Uh, for everybody, everybody that has a website that’s out there. Um, and, and some of the topics that you guys just brought up just kind of takes us right into that, that conversation. So we’re always, um, looking to, to help people on online, all, all around all pieces of their business, but in, in general, one of the pieces is getting a website, right.

And, uh, when you do go out there and get a website, it’s really hard to come up with content and content ideas and, and really kind of figure things out. Exactly. Even when you choose a niche, Or a niche within a niche like Ohana legacy properties has done here. Um, so what we do really well is provide you inspirational pieces or starting points, right?

So you get content packs, you get things that are, that are gonna get you going pretty quickly. And they’re very optimized. Uh, a lot of those, uh, my team might now have, have spent many, many hours, um, to put all those together. So to get you in the race, I always kind of use that. Get you in the race when it comes to rankings.

Right. Are you gonna rank number one? Well, if you’re in a small, small, um, community, small city, um, we’ve seen it oh, time and time again. You’ll rank very well, but if you’re in a more competitive market like Houston, uh, whole different story, right? It gets you into race, gets you, indexed gets you going, but in most cases you’re not gonna rank very well right out the gate.

So one of the things that we always encourage is to personalize this. Personalize the, the stock imagery that we put on there, again, we call ’em inspirational pieces, starting points to get you, give you ideas of what should essentially go there. Right? And then obviously we, we coach every week we have coaching calls, um, with our, with our clients and kind of show you and the, and, uh, Chris and Sal have been on there all there, all on there all the time is to update certain pieces of the website to personalize those things.

And the reason I’m, I’m really kind of, uh, mentioning that, um, here is. This has now become something very, very important that it’s not an option. It’s, it’s something that you must do. Okay. So the reason I say that is because Google just released, uh, about now it’s been a couple weeks and we say a couple weeks, uh, because they always kind of, when they mention that they released an algorithm update to their, to their algorithm on Google, it they’ve been testing.

They don’t just release them. They’ve been testing probably for months, right? So what’s happening is, uh, this particular update is called the helpful content. So, what does that mean? The helpful content update? So this basically just a couple days ago was a big, big news in, in our, our community with our peers in the SEO space, uh, our groups, it’s, it, it’s a noisy conversation right now.

There’s a lot going on. Uh, people kind of figuring out how they’re gonna, what they’re gonna do. They’re worried. They’re, you know, there’s people like getting really freaked out. Well, I wanted to let you guys know to not worry about that helpful, uh, content update, because there are things that you can.

All right. So things that you can do are a lot of the things that Ohana legacy properties has done here, update your photos on your website. First thing maybe that you do is the easiest part, right? Cause you don’t have to write anything. You just go on your website, check it out, see if there’s any opportunities that you can add a, a photo that you’ve taken, right?

For real estate investors, us here, you should be looking at all your city pages. You should be looking at the how it works page. You should be looking at your about page. Chris just talked about that in our data. It shows that people will go in those directions. That exactly not, not necessarily in that order, but a lot of times they’re gonna find you on your city pages, right from there.

They wanna kind of, they look through the city page, they wanna see what you do. Uh, what kind, you know, what kind of, uh, authority you have. So a lot of those badges become very, very important, right? When I say badges, the bus better business bureau is just a big one that I see a lot. Um, the, the Google five star reviews, right?

Badge that you get, um, something like a, a local association that you’re a part of, or maybe a certificate, right? Some kind of a certificate that you got in your particular niche that I know Chris and style have done. And you put ’em on there. If you are maybe a part of a entrepreneur veterans group, they, they have badges.

So all that stuff matters, guys, cuz that, that way you’re connecting with fields. People wanna see that, right. But the content, the content itself, again, I mentioned it before. We’re all saying the same thing. It’s really hard not to say, cuz you have to say it. You gotta tell people what you do. We buy houses, right?

We buy houses in different situations. We buy houses this, but within that content, tell the story. There’s opportunity to tell your story, why do you buy houses? Why did you get into this? Tell us a case study of a, of a situation that you were help somebody out of, um, in a certain city, right? Those are the ways you optimize or you improve and you personalize the content to make it helpful.

Tell people what your process is in detail, not just, you know, these are my three step we start you. I’m gonna be, this is how we start you. We give you an idea, but what we found out again, years and years in this particular niche, Sean and I, we found out that everybody has a little bit of a unique process.

You should be sharing that to, with your pretty much your traffic, your audience, your tire audience, of what that is not, you know, sometimes it can get a little overwhelming in regards to every little step, but you, you know what I mean? You can break that down into very consumable steps, right. That someone can say, oh, alright, I get that.

And that speaks to me, sounds simple enough for me to do it. I’m gonna go ahead and call these guys. So that is a couple things to that you can make tweaks to. And again, I’m gonna go over the pages real quick. So look at your city pages, right? Cause those are the initial ones that will get hit. Those are essentially are the ones that are ranking very well, but then people will most likely either go to your about page.

So make sure you have personal pictures of your family, you, um, your, your, your company, you know, if it’s more people in your company show share that. Um, and, and the how it works. Page show your process and something that, uh, Ohana legacy properties here has done very well is to have a video. So, if someone wants to consume the information through reading some stuff, they can do that, but they also have a video talking and it’s not someone on fiber that got recorded, right?

It’s not it’s them. Who cares if I know Sean gave ’em a little bit, uh, uh, of a hard time there with the video who cares that speaks to people more than you go in and hiring somebody else. That’s not you. Cuz when they call you, we’re like, who was that? And they’re like, oh this some actor, right? No, you’re talking to Sal.

You’re talking to Chris and that’s the real person we are in the social era. Right? Everybody’s on social media. They’re doing it. They wanna see you. The most famous people right now in the world probably are influencers. They’re normal people. that got famous by being out there and being themselves. So being yourself on your own.

A website representing your own brand goes a long way. I will. I wish we would’ve known that. Cause John and Roger told us to do that. They personal, they told us to do that and we didn’t think about that. We, that’s not something that was in our basic quote, basic training, but yeah, no, you’re absolutely right on Roger.

Thank you. All right. Let’s have a little fun to, to wrap us up here today. Um, Chris, you said you guys are getting more leads now than you’ve had in the last year, the last 60 days. What would you say? How many viable, highly qualified leads would you say have come in? I tell you right now to the business or so I’m looking at my board cuz we keep track of it.

uh, uh, it’s it’s about eight leads, eight qualified leads. In the past three months qualified where right. You know, we get off the phone, we’re going to see the house. And we’re like, oh my God. You know, uh, of those, uh, what have we gotten for four? Yeah. Four under contract we’re working. We under contract working one.

Yep. So three under contract, one in negotiation. So possible four out of these eight. So 50%, 50%, let that sink in for a second. 50% of the highly qualified leads. You’re either in contract or negotiating contract with yep. When we look at things like direct mail, you’re looking at 2, 3, 5, maybe right when I, what cold direct mail, whole other ball game.

When we go right. Highly targeted, direct mail, but cold direct mail, shotgun style. So eight leads and I’m, I’m more talking to the people listening to this out there, the ones that are, are gonna, you know, watch this, let that sink in. I think Sal, you said it earlier in the, in the show, we’re not getting as many leads, right?

Some people might go eight leads, that’s it. In, in 60 days. Well, when you’re putting four of those eight, potentially four, right? You got three under contract, absolutely potential fourth. Right? And I don’t want you guys to give away too much, uh, detail or knowledge here, you know, or you know, granular stuff about the business.

But on average, when you guys do a deal, what’s a deal worth to you about 35,000. So take 30. We’ll we’ll play on the short side of things. You’re, you’re sitting on 90 with a potential fourth coming in of 120 for 1.5 months. That’s a one and a half. . Yeah, but this is all built up again. So we’re, we’re looking at this, we’re saying, oh, what’s gonna happen towards the end of the actually yeah.

I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s pretty dramatic. So actually you bring up a really good point there. Cuz we talked about this earlier in the show, right? A lot of people shy away from this because it’s very slow going. It takes some time to get some steam behind it. They’re confused. They don’t know what to do exactly.

And they want, but I call it the Amazon effect. They want the instant gratification. Right. They wanna be able to do something that fucking guru told me I could be a millionaire next year. I can’t wait six months for the momentum because I supposed to be there next year. Right. So they go to the quick hits.

Well, I can cold text my, you know what off? And I’ll eventually get somebody. Whereas over here it’s a lot of output for very little input. Until it clicks. And then it’s, you know, Roger and I have talked about this for years. It’s that flywheel effect. And pretty soon you guys don’t have to do too much.

Right. It kind of, it becomes that machine in the back end, that’s running and it’s always out there working at 2 30, 3 o’clock in the morning for you and lead. Vault’s been great. I mean, we use that as our basis for everything we’re learning. Uh, but you know, I mean, uh, uh, you know, it’s, it’s just phenomenal to be.

And again, it, it does all the things that we know it does. And hopefully more

as I unmute Roger before I. Yeah, I was gonna make a comment. Make sure you’re on the flywheel that keeps you going. That works by itself at night. Not on the hamster wheel. yes, that goes nowhere. He’s just full of good ones.

Uh, we could give the gold drop, I guess

when he’s rested. He’s okay.

all right. Anything? Uh, actually I got one final question and then I’ll let you guys sign off with any final thoughts. But, um, one final question I have to you is you’ve been in this game for a couple years now. You’ve always had the rollercoaster ride up and down. You know, things are starting to, to look really good right now, got some things kind of J in.

I want you to, to picture and imagine for a second. You’re you’re talking to the, the Chris and Sal that was just sitting in that quote unquote free training. What do you say to that person? Ooh, I’d say learn everything you can, but there’s one thing that they said that we didn’t pay attention to, that nobody pays attention to is you are in marketing, you are a marketer and you’re gonna have to concentrate on marketing.

You’re gonna have to, they talk about the little black box. If you could put $50 into this black box on one end and it cranks out a thousand dollars, how many more times would you put that in? No one paid attention to that. Cuz they were talking about the process. The marketing side is so expensive, so expensive and so valuable, but they really don’t teach you that.

And that we were doing trial by error. And the good news is we met you two guys. And you helped us and we believed in you and we are, we said we’re all in. We were all I’m. I can’t tell you in the background, when I say we were all in, we were all in . Okay. And, and, uh, uh, you know, uh, uh, we’re, we’re continuing to move forward and, uh, looking for bigger and better things.

Chris, anything you’d say to your past self. Yeah. First of all, my past self would say what the, how the hell did my future self get here? That’s pretty cool. I want a time machine. not all I would say. Yeah. Have to be choosing on that one. Definitely. I would say, learn everything on the foundation in, in try and focus to a category, not a niche, not, not a specific word, but focus in one direction and pay attention to that focus.

And then honestly, I would say online presence is. Very key. Very, very, I use the word when I describe it to people vital. It’s vital. It’s absolutely vital. So that’s what I would tell my, uh, past self. When I jump in the time machine, come back here. That’d be pretty cool. Awesome. Roger, anything final for, for our boys?

Yeah. So I saved one for everybody. A, a last thing that I’m gonna leave you guys with. And I did not, I purposely did not mention it in my process. The conversation that we had, it’s a bonus, uh, for everybody. That’s super important. Cuz sometimes again, I talked about the five steps, right? The, the, the five steps.

So what are your next five steps? Sometimes we try to jump ahead to step five before we’ve even accomplished step one. Right? So what I wanna leave everybody with that. I think it’s very important for everybody to do is to, uh, get reviews, right? Get reviews for your company. But remember. You hear again, the, the experts, the gurus, that’s the most important factor.

You have to get reviews, but how the heck are you gonna get reviews when you haven’t helped anybody? So get out there, set up your branding, do the legwork, right? Get some pictures on the website, a project you’ve done, or I know not everybody has done a project and real estate investing. Hasn’t done it, but you’ve probably consulted with people.

You’ve helped people through situations by giving them information. So when you go through that, you add that to your website. You add that to your social media, you share, you set that up. It’s easier for somebody to be willing to give you a review. So reviews are very important, but it’s not it’s, it doesn’t work as well.

When you don’t have your branding. Because that person that you might ask for a review or whatnot, um, they go on there and, and they’re just not, you know, they’re not willing, but when you have a, a set branding, what I’ve noticed, it’s like, they feel like a real company that cared and, and you know, it reflects cuz if I’m gonna leave somebody review, I wanna make sure it’s a company that I, I want to be associated with.

Cuz your name’s attached to it. Remember that a lot of people that haven’t worked on their brand, even though you might have given them value, they look at your online brand. I don’t wanna be attached. I know you helped me, Chris, but man, your online looks your online present looks like crap. I don’t wanna be associated with that.

Right. But when you have your, your ducks in a row, you have your branding. You have, you know, a lot of examples, man. I wanna tell the world, I wanna tell the world that you helped me and I wanna recommend them to you. So reviews guys, get out there, work on your branding. Then go to that step. Then start asking for some review.

Awesome. Well, I wanna thank you guys for coming and hanging out with us here today. Uh, don’t go anywhere. I am gonna push you to the, to the backstage, but, uh, when we end, we, we wanna continue a conversation real quick, but, uh, again, thanks for everything. Anything you wanna say before you guys sign off to everybody

he’s muted. Sometimes he does that. He, it took him all show to have that happen. You muted dead. This happens all the time, folks on our, uh, on our trainings. anyway, basically thank you guys for having us and thank you, everyone who is listening and hopefully you got something out of this and, you know, by all means we’re not the highest success example, but we are an example of putting in work and actually having a plan of action going forward, and you can make some awesome things happen.

That’s what I wanna. And besides that, Sean and Roger are really good guys to hang out with we appreciate it. Uh, we’ll have to have you back on maybe in six or seven months and, and kind of do, uh, where they’re at now kind of episode. So we’ll, uh, we’ll chat here in a second. Hang on before you guys jump off.

Uh, alright. So for the web buzz podcast coming finally back, that was a pretty good episode. What do you think? Yeah, no, it was a lot of good information, a lot of good shares. Um, it, I mean, can’t be better starting kicking it off with these two guys. Just killing it out there. I mean, uh, the true, true. I mean, this is, uh, one of the things that we talked about coming back, right?

The real talk around real estate investing, marketing, right? Uh, just being true of the process, what it takes to get to that goal. And I think these, I mean, this episode is nails that. Absolutely. So until, uh, next week we are committed to getting this show back up and go in. You’ll see more shows like this one with some of our clients coming on.

You’ll see some other shows like we did in the past. You’ll probably see some shows where Sean, Roger just goes on a complete rant, uh, and talks real talk. But, uh, we are back. And if you haven’t already, if you’re listening out there on apple podcast, Spotify, any of those, if you haven’t hit the subscribe button to subscribe and know when new shows come out, do that.

If you’re the type that prefers to watch you’re here on YouTube, make sure you hit subscribe to the channel, turn that notification bell on all those things. So you get notified each and every time we throw another video out there. But, uh, thanks again, Google Nader. It’s glad. I’m glad to have you back.

Glad to have you in that podcast. Glad to be back, man. Glad to be.

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