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Real Estate Investor Marketing During Market Shifts

by | Oct 2, 2023

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In the ever-changing landscape of real estate, successful investors understand the critical importance of adapting to market shifts. Join us on this episode as we dive deep into the world of real estate investor marketing during market fluctuations. Hosted by Shawn Tiberio, a seasoned real estate expert, this podcast will be your go-to source for insights, strategies, and practical tips to thrive in any market condition. πŸŽ™οΈπŸ’Ό

From bull markets to bear markets and everything in between, we’ll explore how real estate investors can effectively market their properties and services. Learn how to identify emerging trends, adjust your marketing tactics, and seize opportunities when others falter. Our real estate and marketing experts will share their success stories, failures, and valuable lessons learned from navigating market shifts. πŸ“ŠπŸ“‰

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β€ŠWhat’s up, everybody. Welcome to this month’s episode of the webbuzz podcast. I’m excited to be back, back into a rhythm. Welcome to Roger Valdez, a. k. a. the Googlenator. I almost want to tell you to change your handle instead of it saying Roger Valdez Marketing, which I know is your social media handle. I almost want you to put hashtag Googlenator instead.

But anyway, welcome. Welcome to the show this week. Thanks man. Yep. No, uh, super excited. Another one. I, it feels good to be back in the routine. I’ll be honest with you. It’s like, uh, makes me think a little bit, um, throughout the day prepping for this and, uh, really kind of thinking what’s going on, especially with today’s topic, I think it’s, you have to stay on your toes regardless of what industry you’re in.

Absolutely. So today, folks, we are going to be talking about real estate investor marketing, really just real estate marketing in general, in a market shift and during market shift times. In case you’ve been living under a rock, there is shift and movement like crazy in the real estate market. Over the last couple months, uh, there’s going to be more in the months in, in the, in the future and to come.

So be sure to pay attention, grab a seat, pull up a notepad, do something. Uh, if you’re listening to this, don’t be afraid to pause it if you’re listening to this later on. jot some notes, wrap your mind around. I have a feeling this is gonna be one of those episodes that, uh, people just keep coming back and listening to and listening to and listening to, uh, for a little while because there’s, there’s some really important stuff, uh, in here.

So anything you want to share with everybody before we, uh, get rolling here today. No, I think we’re, we’re good. Let’s jump into it. It’s funny. You brought something up just a second ago. Um, before we go too deep into this, I was listening to a podcast, uh, myself the other, I love listening to the podcast. I, I do him in the gym a lot, do him in the car, especially if I’m driving for, for a while.

I was actually on my way to an event that we’re a big sponsor of last week to, to go speak. And that’s when I was listening to this. And, um, one of the things that he talked about was. The ever changing space, and he was talking more from a general business sense, but you just made that comment as we got started here, right?

Going in with today’s topic, being flexible, kind of, you know, evolving, and we went through that internally. The last couple of months, which is kind of why we fell away from this. Um, but realizing the shift, the change, these types of things, getting back to kind of our roots, so to say, right. Um, and this being a big, big piece of it.

So folks, I just wanted you guys to know that, um, just cause we might be here and maybe you’re feeling like you’re down here doesn’t mean things don’t change. Right. We all experience the same things. We get away from things, get back to our roots, all that kind of stuff. So. With that being said, though, uh, let’s go ahead and kind of dive in.

If you guys are alive, don’t, don’t hesitate. Throw a comment in. We are live in a bunch of different places right now. So we can see your comments, uh, throw a comment in, let us know where you’re listening into, but more importantly, if you’ve got a question, as we start to break some of this stuff down, don’t hesitate.

Throw it in Roger and I’ll start to unpack that. So with that being said, we’re talking. Real estate marketing during a market shift, during a time when the shifting changes of the market are going. The very first point that I want to kind of dive into, and I’m excited to hear your kind of take on this, Roger.

Uh, adapting the marketing strategy to the marketing shift. I know I can go forever on this. I want to give it to you first, though. What comes to mind when marketing, given the strategy of it. Correct. Towards that, uh, market shift. Yeah. And I think it’s a, it’s a great topic to start with just in general.

Like, like I said, I think you kind of alluded to it right there where I kind of mentioned, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re, you’re in. You always have to stay on top of what’s happening, right? So in our, in our case with real estate investing or just real state in general, um, real estate’s affected by a lot of different things, whether it’s just the economy, the weather.

Right. Um, just the seasons. So it’s, it’s very, it’s very crucial for you to kind of stay in the know in regards to what market you’re, you’re working in. Um, a lot of say is like, where, where, where are you playing? Right? What’s your playground? So where are you playing? Where’s your business at? Where are you investing in?

You got to be really, really engaged in what’s happening there, because it could be some of the investors that we’ve seen. If you stay Out of, of the no, and you’re not engaged, what’s going to happen is you’re going to be left behind. And that, that goes, that’s true for any industry. That’s what I want to make, be clear that no matter what business, if you’re a new bit, this is more for the new business owners, right?

The, the more seasoned people, they understand that, but for the new investors, new business owners, I mean, you have to be engaged. And how do you stay engaged? I mean, it’s as simple as staying up to date with, uh, industry related news to start with. Right. Just make sure what’s happening in your backyard.

And then the other thing that I see that’s really cool that a lot of people, uh, within our community do, um, they go to events, right? Industry related events. And they stay up to date on what’s happening, not only in their, in their markets, but, uh, nationwide. Right. So, uh, I think it’s crucial for real estate investors or any real estate professionals to, to adjust according to what’s happening, because if you only have one strategy for one situation, then when something different happens, your competitors are going to pass you by.

So not to get too into the weeds with digital marketing, right? But that’s just a general statement. You got to be flexible and agile. Essentially your strategy has to be agile and you have to prep these different types of strategies depending on what’s happening. And I know sometimes there are certain situations that come up that aren’t expected, but your industry or your company or your company in particular needs to be agile enough.

To to shift with the changes, right? Um, so you got to keep that in mind. I know we’ve done that. Um a lot Especially with with in the past with kovat I think everybody had to do that. But not only that I mean sometimes The economy we’ve been talking a lot about the economy economy lately with it going, you know, what is it doing?

What’s going to happen, right? What do a lot of people do they start holding on to their money or they start holding on to their homes? or they want to offload a home for, uh, for that same reason, right? So you gotta be. Aware of how people are reacting and what’s going on in the market So that way you can not only take advantage of the situation in regards to Okay, let me position myself to be you know of help but also look at it from from a helpful standpoint Well, I got to position myself as that expert in that area.

So people that really need help, you know Know that i’m here to help and that you know, they’re you know You’re not there sitting with a great product or service, but people can’t find you or don’t know about you 100%. Um, you mentioned the pandemic, right? And that that shifted a big things, uh, in the marketing space.

It shifted the way we market simply because it shifted the way people consumed. And I think right now a big Piece that a lot of, you know, real estate experts, real estate, I don’t care, you’re the investor, the agent we get, we’re creatures of habit. And we tend to say, well, this has been working for so long.

I just need to grind it out or I just need to do more of it. I’m seeing a downturn in whatever the tactic is. Right. And that just means I just, you know, I need to throw more money at it, or I need to do more cold calls, or I need to send more texts or whatever it might be. And we’ve got a blinder on, so to say.

Hey, the market shifts are actually changing again the way people consume or the way people look for or what information, uh, or what things catch people’s attention today versus, you know, even a year for a year ago. We’re gonna, we’re gonna go into three other points that really start to kind of, you know, fine tune this, but I think it’s important to start by saying market ship.

You’ve got to keep the thumb on the pole. I literally was just having this discussion earlier this morning. Airbnb is under scrutiny. There’s a major city in the United States that’s trying to attack Airbnb. That’s going to attack a certain strategy. Um, well, that might completely impact, you know, if you’re in a particular area, the way that you market.

The type of properties that you’re marketing because an exit strategy might disappear now. We’ll see where that goes, right? But it’s stuff like that Uh that when we say market shift impacts and you have to adapt your marketing strategy um to that, uh So anything else before I take us deep here on this, I think that that intro was perfect.

Just kind of set the stage. Right. So, yeah, we’re, we’re good. So the first kind of like deep point here, um, that I want to kind of take us on is talking about identifying what the market shifts are for real estate investors. Specifically, uh, we deal with a lot of real estate investors and, you know, We understand it.

Why, you know, why do we need to do this really specifically saying like, what are, what are some identifying market shifts that real estate investors need to be paying attention to that ultimately are going to impact their marketing strategies. And I’ve got, I’ve got kind of my takes, and I know you and I didn’t really talk too much prior to the episode on this.

I’m curious what you, what you have and see if it’s similar to what I’ve got there, but feel free.

Yeah. So on some of these things, what we’re, We’re kind of looking at or at least my take on on this particular position identifying market shifts for real estate investors is going to be kind of, uh, I like to kind of look at what’s going on in that town. For example, if there is a big company that’s going to open something up.

In a real in a very rural town, uh, let’s just kind of use Amazon. They’ve been in the news and in the, you know, last couple months looking at different places. Intel is another one. I know, uh, rural Ohio, um, has been kind of really excited about potentially getting, getting a factory from Intel, huge company, right?

So when you look at those type of. Of situations that are happening in those areas. Um, that’s when you identify a market shift because as soon as those factories or, or, or jobs are created within that community, that, that real estate is going to boom. So just identifying what’s, what’s happening in those areas.

The other one that I would look at to really kind of identify of what’s going on is, is just following the trends with weather. Um, so if there are certain areas that are either popular or not popular, um, in certain times of the year, um, you can potentially get, you know, know where to go to kind of get some deals if there’s like an area that’s kind of hit by.

You know, certain hurricanes, you know, are, or, uh, earthquakes or whatever it might be. So if you go during those times, you might be able to, you know, identify what’s happening in that market, um, and, and, and also get some opportunities from. From kind of a, a digital marketing standpoint where I would take this is if you are going to set yourself, you got to kind of identify certain markets that you want to go into and then do your research in regards to what’s the situation, what are the pros and cons of living in that area and then producing, uh, content or essentially producing blog posts that are going to live on your, on your website where you’re not trying to sell anything, you’re trying to educate, um, and you’re trying to create a lot of different.

Pieces of content that will educate that particular market on the pros and cons, right? And at the end of the day, whether it’s someone new coming into that particular city or town and they’re looking for stuff, they might find you and, you know, you might get, get a new client there or someone that wants to move out of there for whatever reason.

So these are just kind of, uh, some examples of things that you can look for, for my standpoint, what I think, um, to really identify. You know certain market shifts and then again taking advantage of them in a way where it’s good for your business But at the same time you’re being helpful to people that are trying to use your service Yeah, I’m gonna go 100 percent agree with you, but I’m gonna go like real extreme here.

Not really extreme. I’m gonna go pretty, uh, Yeah, I’m drawing a mind blank of the word that I’m looking for here this morning. But, um, When, when, when I hear identify market shifts and what real estate investors need to pay attention to too often, what we hear is Hey, you can do this exit or that exit, right?

You could be a wholesaler. You could be a flipper. You could buy and hold. And we, again, I’m going to keep hitting this like blinders on because it’s been In 12 years of doing this now, uh, almost I’ve seen a lot. I’ve got, I’ve gone through, I got into real estate right as the market kind of hit rock bottom the first time, you know, first time in our lifetime and, and recovered out of it.

And I’ve seen the highs of that. I’ve seen the stabilization. I’ve also seen it, you know, go crazy the opposite direction. And it come back the other way. And what I’ve noticed is the one, the real estate investors, and I’ll be honest, real estate agents that put blinders on and think this isn’t going to impact me.

I can just kind of stay true to course and just keep doing what I was doing. And I’ll survive this. They’re the ones that tend to get washed out. The ones that make it through, they’ve been able to figure out how to make adjustments and pivots, um, to that. And the big thing with market shifts that are happening right now that I think you need to pay attention to.

When we start seeing hedge funds backing out. When you start seeing hedge funds restricting on the volume that they’re going to purchase, when you start seeing, um, on the, on the retail side of things, obviously mortgage rates, you know, the interest rate on, on mortgages is way up. And when you see the amount of money that’s being lent out shrinking, And then you see, I got blown away last week actually at that event that I was speaking at one of the other vendors, they got up and they were talking, they were a hard money lender.

And I started hearing terms that I haven’t heard coming out of hard money lenders. since, you know, like 2011, 2012, I’m talking lenders in our space that are willing to go 85 90 percent of value with 100 percent financing. I mean, an investor needs to come to the table with like 10 to 15 percent of the money to fill the gap.

Um, that’s that’s insane to me. And the reason that shocks me Was we haven’t seen that in forever, but the reason they’re doing that is there’s just not a lot of, of deals happening because market it’s tightening up. Retail lending, right. Is, is on a downturn interest rates on the retail sides up. And then I was in this kind of like debate about this the other day.

It’s almost like a little perfect storm right now. You’ve got homeowners that are still sitting on. Phenomenal 2%, 3%, you know, 3. 5 percent mortgages that unless they have some massive, massive motivation to need to sell and move right now, why would they, why would they let go of a property at 50, 60, 70 cents on the dollar, you know, or less to get out of that, to turn around and go purchase something else at seven, eight, eight and a half percent.

Unless there’s some big driver behind that. So as an investor, when we’re seeing this storm kind of brew, and you know, this is going to have to pop at some point, something’s going to give, we don’t know what it is, right? There’s, there’s a ton of predictions. Robert Kiyosaki is running his mouth right now on a, on a number.

He thinks the whole Airbnb thing will be it, right? Um, there’s others in the industry. They’re always running their mouths and saying, you know, this will be the Grant Cardone’s. He’s got his take on what’s going to eventually pop this thing. We know it’s going to pop. But as a, as a real estate investor in your area, one of the things that you can do the most is just start paying attention to what’s really happening in that area and get the blinders off.

That’s the key to identifying these market shifts and really understanding what they are for you in your area. And it might mean you need to adjust your exit strategy. You might’ve been doing a bunch of wholesaling. Well, guess what? It now might be the time to, you know, you might have to chill that back cause you don’t have the plethora of buyers anymore.

Um, you know, we’ve got a client right now who’s absolutely killing it. They’re locking deals up left and right. I think I got a message from them the other day. They’ve not like the last eight or nine days, they’ve done eight or nine deals under contract, something crazy numbers like that. But now they’re looking for funding.

They’re looking for lending, you know? So there’s a whole other, other mix. So yeah, it sounds great, but it could also open up another. of, of a problem to, to solve. So really hone in and just look at, you know, what are some of the things locally that are going on? Obviously the lending story that I’m talking about, that hard money lender, they predominantly lend here in California.

Uh, you know, prices are still crazy out here, super high, you know, to get 85, 90 percent on a, on a couple hundred thousand dollar purchase and a couple hundred thousand dollar renovation. That’s amazing. You might not find that in a, you know, a Charleston, West Virginia or Youngstown, Ohio, or, you know, somewhere in, in.

The Dakotas or, or, you know, Arkansas or something like that, but pay attention to what’s going on and what you’re hearing can, you know, kind of keep the ear to the, to the streets, so to say anything else on that before we kind of continue through here. Uh, one thing that you kind of mentioned and kind of went into detail, which is great, right.

But taking it back to digital marketing, even at that, um, I think, uh, this example that I’ll use is, is Gary V right. Vaynerchuk, Gary Vaynerchuk. He does a good job, uh, predictions. Within digital marketing. So when you turn that into real estate, I wouldn’t be afraid to, as long as you’re doing your research now, going out there and just opening your mouth, just because, you know, without anything to back it up, right.

Any type of research or anything like that, then that, that can look a little shady, right. To your, uh, to anybody, your potential customers, people in the area. But if you’re consistently out there, let’s say you have a website, you have a YouTube channel, you’re on social media and you’re keeping. With the trends and you know what’s going on and you’re consistently posting updates, not that it’s directly your your information, but you’re essentially just kind of taking putting your take on it.

But then you start making certain predictions around what’s going to happen. You don’t have to hit. Every prediction, that’s not the point. The point is that you’re going out there and actually putting yourself out there and giving people information that you have, and then you’re taking your spin on it, your opinion, based on the information and the research that you’ve done in giving your opinion, people respect that even if those predictions do not come true, there’s always another opportunity to then create more content on why it didn’t come true.

Right. And then you keep going that way. But what that creates is awareness, right? Awareness, education, trust, and for you, authority. So when the time comes, when people need to make a move, who are they going to go to? Well, who they’ve been hearing all this information from, and hopefully that’s you. I agree like crazy.

I can go on like crazy, uh, with this. So let’s, um, kind of shift here. The next one, um, that we want to kind of. Go deep in and you you kind of started to go into this just now niche marketing strategies for the real estate investor itself You know, what are some of these? niche focuses uh I’m going to actually start on this one because I want to be able to kind of get your your take on it and and try to throw it back at you but niche marketing strategies immediately when i’m when i’m thinking the shift in market and i’m saying okay What do I need to niche down to from a strategic standpoint?

Before we go into it, I want to break this up. We’ve got tactics, right? Marketing is a series of tactics that come together into some kind of a campaign. The strategy is the game plan on what tactics I’m going to use to achieve the outcome of the campaign. And in this time, as things are evolving, as the, everything’s kind of up in the air, right?

One of the strategies that I think people need to pay more attention to and figure out what tactics need to be deployed to build this campaign around is now’s the time to really focus on getting your brand built, being. A brand that becomes recognizable, that becomes known, that people have heard of.

Because, with uncertainty sitting in the, in the, you know, in the future, we know it’s gonna happen. Meaning, it’s going to shift, and this is going to turn into a buyer’s… Market at some point when we’ll all, you know, take the over and under on those bets But when it happens and it becomes this buyer frenzy I personally believe the real estate experts that have positioned themselves from a brand standpoint and have that trust Authority that are known they’re going to be the ones that have the leg up and the advantage When the market kind of like opens up and sellers are sitting there going I have no choice And it’s a matter of who do I pick and if you wait to that point to try to catch up I promise you you’re going to be left in the dust is and it’s just you know My take i’d be curious to hear what you think there roger Um, but maybe go a little deeper on that and then i’ve got some other strategies that i’ll kind of tie us in here Yeah, um, so just just with that.

I mean I we do Multiple trainings, whether you’re speaking on stage, Sean, or I’m doing a webinar with some of our groups, different groups that were connected with this question always comes up in regards to, you know, I’m getting started or I’ve been in business for a while, right? I’m trying to kind of get my lead generation up.

What do I do? When should I start my online presence? Obviously, your offline presence is something that everybody’s aware. It’s traditional. Uh, marketing, you go out there, you network with people, right? But where you where do you send them to or where do people go to what maybe they don’t they’re not ready to make You know a start a conversation with you Where do they go?

They possibly go to google right or any type of search engine that they’re comfortable with And most people are going to Google, they’re going to Google you, they’re going to look you up. So if you’re not building essentially a brand, uh, around kind of what you’re doing and producing valuable information, then it becomes very difficult for people to build that no like, and trust factors that Sean was just talking about.

And if you don’t have that, when the time comes for them to make a decision. On a property or or just ask questions. They’re not going to look at you as the authority So they’re not going to come to you. Who are they going to go to they’re going to go to your Competitor, right? So it’s important. I I do feel a hundred percent.

Um With sean on the brand building and this goes to all the different shifts If you keep up with any type of the digital marketing stuff that’s happening right now. It’s a big deal right now because Every business should be following the trends of what’s happening. Why? Because it affects your lead generation online.

Um, so it’s, it’s going back to brands, right? It’s recognition of brands. That way it’s phasing off any type of, uh, shady marketers that were trying to just do lead generation and trick people into doing certain things they don’t want to, or just sell leads. Google actually wants to give you The business owner, the true business owner, the business.

So if you position yourself, your brand strong, right? That you exist. And then you produce strong content. Well, Google, the robot is going to award you with high rankings on their search engines. And then people will find you in those people. Will then award you with potential deals, right? So that it all goes, uh, hand in hand.

But some of the things that I get, uh, the question that I get is like, when should I start? That was the big thing that I wanted to kind of come back to is like, should I wait till I do my first deal or first couple deals before I get my online presence going, right? Before I really kind of start, start diving deep?

Uh, the answer is you gotta start now. Um, if you don’t start now, then it’s gonna take that much longer because when you start your online presence, uh, the misconception is that you get a website up and people will just come, right? It doesn’t work that way. It takes time. Uh, there’s competitors that you got to analyze and see what you have to do then.

Outrank them, right? Kind of basically out out, uh, kind of yeah I’ll beat them out of out of those rankings that are producing the search volume Where where the clients are at and then the other question I guess like what do I write about or what kind of value? Do I put out there? Well think about all the questions that you get from potential clients and the situations I mean you go out there and do a lot of trainings.

Um when you learn how to become a real estate investor You’re probably reading books You’re going to web, you know, webinars, you’re going to events. Well, there’s a lot of scenarios. Well, I will document all those scenarios and start creating questions. What do people have or what kind of information you can, you can give people, uh, within those scenarios and create content for your website.

Now you become almost like a directory around every question. Um, for those topics, for example, for our particular clients, we have literally 15 different categories we can write content on, and these are the most, and there’s more, but these are the most relevant. Categories in real estate investing. I mean we all know i’m just kind of you know, name a couple like people in foreclosure How can we help them right people in bankruptcy people going through?

Um some kind of inherited property. So there’s a ton of these and you just think about those but there’s so many Uh topics and situations and questions people have within these categories that the list is endless. So if you start building An asset, basically a website that has all this information, then you will be become the go to person in your market.

100 percent. Um and i’m gonna i’m gonna Add something to that and then i’m gonna again go the opposite side of things here when I hear niche marketing Right when I think niche marketing and brand

Online hands down everything roger just said folks 100. There’s a reason we call him the googlenator The second piece to that, though, is not getting away from the tried and true billboards in their face, postcards in mailboxes, phenomenal way, uh, to, to really build that brand and keep top of mind.

Because as Roger said, there are a lot of people right now are in uncertainty mode. They don’t know what’s going to happen. Are they going to be able to hold on to their house? Are they going to lose their job? Is inflation going to get too high? Are they going to be able to afford the bills? What happens if I don’t?

What are my options? And I can promise you… There’s the over analyticals of the world that far outweigh the Sean’s of the world who wait to the last second to make a decision and go with the first thing that they, they see that will hoard these things, hold onto them, keep them for the, you know, the, the rainy day, so to say, in case I ever need that, that information.

So. Great way to also continue to build that brand now the other thing when when I say niche marketing strategies that comes to mind It’s how do I find a niche in my marketplace that may not be as? Affected as some of the others that’s the other problem I’ve consistently seen over the years is too often.

We’re all trying to fish in the exact same pond. Every one of us is real estate experts. We’re all trying to go after the same thing. So you got 20 real estate companies in a marketplace. All 20 are still are going after that same type of seller. Well, if let’s go figurative for a second here, if 20 of us are in boats on this tiny little pond floating around trying to fish, and there’s only so many fish in the pond, what’s the likelihood that I’m going to get one of those, right?

Or the likelihood that I’m going to get enough of those to survive off of. Yet, right around the corner, on the other side of the tree line, there’s this whole other pond. It’s got about the same amount of fish in it that nobody’s fishing in because they didn’t think to go over there and look. They didn’t think to go over there and try it.

And here we are. We, we get smart. We take our boat to the bank and we throw it over our shoulders and we walk through the tree line and… You drop it in the next lake that we see and we start fishing, but we’re fishing by ourselves. What’s the likelihood that I’m going to catch enough fish now to survive on?

Definitely went up. Right. And that’s the other thing right now in these times, it’s really starting to, you know, I’d encourage everybody to really start to pay attention as you’re building the brand. Everything that Roger just said, everything I’m talking about here, building the brand, but what you build the brand around and honing in now is more important than ever.

I think to niche into something in real estate. And find that something in your marketplace that may not be as affected as some of the others. And the first example that immediately comes to mind whenever I talk about niching in real estate, they’re probably our best clients that have taken this true to heart and stuck with it.

And it wasn’t fun. They’ll be the first ones to tell you it was not fun for about two years because it was hard. only focus on this thing, but now it’s paying off. And that’s Ohana legacy properties down in, in Katie, Texas, how they’ve honed in and said, you know what, we’re going to become the known experts, the people to go to when dealing with probate properties.

And it’s, in my opinion, it fits with what’s going on right now because probate is. There’s zero impact of the economy of some of the changing things on

and they’re positioned really, really well for it because they’ve listened to Roger, they’ve listened to me, they’ve done the right stuff, um, and built that. And that’s what I mean when I said a couple points ago, the ones that make those adjustments, hone in, niche down a little bit, tighten the belt, so to say.

Make the adjustments that they need to they’ll be the ones that survive this the ones that just try to stay true to course And Sean and Roger don’t know what the heck they’re talking about I’ll just keep you know Blasting my cold calls and I’ll just gonna try to wholesale to anybody that’ll buy for me They’ll be the ones that I think kind of like a tidal wave, she’s going to push them out.

They might come back. They might not. They may survive. They may not. Right. But I think they’re the ones that are more susceptible, uh, to that. So anything you want to add? Yeah, no, it’s, it’s funny you mentioned that. Cause I just had a conversation, I think it was yesterday or the day before about, about.

About that. It was one of our, one of our clients, right? Coming in with, with an idea. Um, and I’m necessarily following our formula, um, how we kind of lay it out. Cause it’s very straightforward. And then it just becomes work behind that, right? How much elbow grease are going to be put behind your campaign?

Um, and it was, it was that same thing. It was like, you know what? I know we, we came in, you know, wanting to do certain things thinking this is how we want to approach our brand and the market. Right. Um, but after I think it’s been six months or so, um, they’re like, we can see, you know, everybody around us is using your formula, right?

And passing us. So we want to go back and start fresh and start with your formula, right? So that’s what it comes down to is like, there’s a certain formulas and certain markets and just certain industries, right? And then each market will have its own, you know. Own formula as well, but just kind of making sure that, that you follow through with that and you’re watching the trends and, and just kind of stick with it, that’s at the end of the day.

Also, if you have the right formula, stick with it, cause that, that’s another mistake a lot of people do. They, they take their foot off the gas right when they’re about to kind of break through everything. So I agree. And before we move on to the fourth and final piece. I want to bring in today’s sponsor of the show.

If you guys have been listening in and getting value out of this, um, we’d love to hear from you guys, but, uh, also go check out the sponsor of today’s episode, America’s best real estate experts, the place as a real estate expert to get yourself listed. And be discoverable as one of the top real estate experts, professionals, agent, investor, uh, in America.

I promise you as everything we’ve been talking about, and it kind of ties exactly what we’re going to talk about on the fourth and final point. We start talking about psychology of people. When you have an expert badge, when you are listed as an expert, trust authority, all these things immediately start to, to grow.

So go check out America’s best real estate experts. com. Great place to get yourself and your business, uh, listed up there. With that being said, let’s go ahead and dive into the fourth and final point. Which is the psychology of real estate buyers and sellers, their behavior in changing markets. I know this is kind of like trying to read somebody’s mind and predict what they’re going to do.

Um, I actually enjoy this sometimes. But um, real quick on this topic before I kind of hand it over to you. You’ve heard me talk about this a lot. Probably people listening to this have heard me talk about this, right? There’s the buyer’s journey. Somebody goes from one end to the other end, one end being not ready, the other end being ready.

Very simply put, everybody is on this at some point, no matter what it is that we’re doing. We’re not in the market to do something and then eventually we’re in the market to do it, making a decision. The key thing that moves somebody through that Is information and the psychology of our buyers and sellers as this market changes their psych, we can’t predict what they’re thinking, but I would know what I know is staying true is they’re looking for information.

Information is what satisfies what’s going on now. Psychology wise, some are going to tighten up and it’s going to the information is what’s going to help them loosen up. Others are going to go into fear mode. And think all the world’s coming to an end. And information might be the piece that solves their, their comfort.

Information is, is the key. And the final piece that I want to add for, for psychology and I’ll, I’ll get your spin on this. Only about 1 3 percent of people are actually in that what we call now ready buyer, right? Ready to make the decision and they’re ultimately just trying to decide. That’s why we always say build the brand.

Now, focus on your brand reputation, build the digital footprint, because when they’re ready to make a decision, they do go to Google. We know this. That is part of their psychology. They go confirm it, they go look at reviews. But by that point, they’re already ready to make a decision. So if they’re in that ready to go mode, and they do some research, and they don’t find you and discover you, they’re just, they’re going with your competition, right?

Now, the other 97 to 99 percent of people, they’re the ones that are still in that information gathering mode. That’s where they’re starting to build that, that kind of like trust and relationship with somebody. By the time they’re ready to go, all right, is Sean and Roger the right? Right? Let me dig into them a little bit more.

Is REI Toolbox the right fit? Let me go look and see what what’s being said. Those kind of things. So, Psychology for me when I when I read this point when we were doing our research and planning this this topic today It was like psychology of the real estate buyer and seller the behavior changing the I don’t think the market is going to impact any Significant change because this is happening every day of the week.

It’s just Some people today might be comfortable and something changes tomorrow and those same people become fearful. Curious what your take is on it. Yeah. So on, on this one, it’s, it’s kind of interesting because it’s, there is, um, there’s a formula to it. Keep going back to my side of, of what we do, right.

Just very, very did on the digital marketing, uh, side of things. So when we talk psychology, I mean, you’re talking about, all right, what is going to be the, the buyers or sellers? Um, how are they going to. Why is it beneficial for you to understand their behavior, uh, based on the market? Kind of situation.

Right? Well, we already kind of know that the categories. So if you know, the categories before anything catastrophic happens, basically already have that information. For example, you kind of already know if someone’s going to go through foreclosure, right? Whatever that situation that got them into that, that, that foreclosure, there’s questions that happen after.

And those are the things that we do know. So you got to go with the information that you have. Yeah. At your fingertips and produce it in your own, your own voice, right. For your asset for your website, essentially, right. If you have that, then when these catastrophic situations happen in someone’s life or just the community or, or nationwide economy, right.

Things like that, you’re ready because no matter what it is, if you really think about it, at.

Again, going back to our formula is, I don’t know. I’m trying to think I, I try not to always go back to the COVID situation, but it’s always a good example. It’s like, what, what happened there? Well, that caused a lot of people to go lose their jobs. Right. A lot of companies bank went bankrupt. A lot of people went bankrupt Well, guess what if you had a lot of bankruptcy information, I know a lot of lawyers got really busy Right, they they needed to help people through that situation um Distressed properties no one had money to fix their homes And if they’re already in a situation where their home needed work uh maybe there’s a leak in the roof or something like that and then they lost their jobs because of this Catastrophic situation.

Well now they fall into the category of a distressed seller, right? They need to get rid of that property because they can no longer live there, right? So this puts you in a situation if you have content and you’re the known expert around that it puts you in that And in the driver’s seat at that point and then going a little more personal and extreme here When these situations happen whether it’s economy where it’s whatever Unfortunately, in divorce happen

They’re hard to talk about, but guess what? If you have content talking about, Are you in this situation? Is this you? Well, a lot of us don’t like to talk about our personal lives, right? But if you put the content out there where someone can find it, again, they’re not going to come to you and ask you about it.

We’re not humans. We’re just not like that, right? We’re going to go somewhere where people can’t see us one o’clock in the morning. I’m going to be researching what’s going on. Right. How can I, you know, what can I do in this situation? I’m lost. Well, guess what? If you, they find you, they find your articles will probably reach out to you for, for a consultation, you know, not in a bad way.

And again, I try to keep it positive. It was like, just to try to help them out, answer questions, um, around that stuff. So. I can go on and on and on, but the thing is, we know, you know, the psychology already around a lot of these situations, the psych, the, the behavior psychology, right? You know how people are going to react when they get into these category situations.

So all you have to look for now is, all right, where, where do I see within the trend or the news or just my information I have? Um, is it in my market? If I’m, if I’m Basically studying, just to say, um, like where I’m at Silver Spring, Maryland, um, and I start seeing the trends, the news, the information that’s out there available to me that there’s a rise in a certain, you know, and bankruptcy.

Well, I better have that information. If I don’t, I better go create it, right? I better become that known expert. Um, if it’s more broad. Uh, again, a lot like our client, uh, Ohana legacy properties from Katy, Texas, they just, they just went all in, in the pre probate probate situations and just started creating a lot of content and we helped them around that whole strategy, but.

Point being they’re now the known experts in their area for that category. They own that category. You go and look up any type of keyword. Hey, we’ll buy your house if you’re in probate or you need some probate information, something like that. You’ll find them. That’s the whole point. That was the strategy.

So when that happens, but for you guys, depending on what type of market, what, uh, category you’re going after, what’s your niche, then that’s where you need to focus. I agree. Um, I know we could go crazy for, you know, on this topic. Um, I do want to be cautious of time. We’re rolling up almost at 45 minutes here.

This wasn’t planned, but I’m going to throw this at you. We, we’ve talked about a lot here and a lot of it at the end of the day just boils down to get your thumb on the pulse, pay attention to what’s going on in your marketplace, right? And then the second piece would be focus on building your brand and building your brand from a, from a positive aspect, a helpful aspect.

If, if you could give one piece of advice to that real estate expert out there right now, that’s, that is sitting there going, you know, this is crazy. Things are changing left and right. There’s too much uncertainty. I don’t even know, you know, where to begin. On any of this, what’s that one piece of advice that you throw at them?

Well, i’m gonna i’m gonna stay up. I think this is what you meant, but i’m gonna stay digital, right? I’m gonna keep it like what what kind of advice what should you have ready or set up at the kind of foundation level? Number one you need that website regardless if it’s a good or not. You need some kind of online presence Uh with that as part of that you need your google business profile because all of you guys To a certain level even if you do multi state you invest in multiple states.

You’re gonna have You know in those states certain cities certain areas where you where you tackle for your market your google business profile It’s a free profile by google You need to get that that’s meant for local businesses and and even if you don’t have an office You can get a service area type profile So that’s super important and then the last thing as part of that recommendation is make sure you work on your brand Reputation which is your reviews and that’s why I always recommend To get the google business profile because it’s great to put reviews get a review through an email And then put it up, you know put it on your website.

That’s awesome Definitely do that. But where it has more weight is when you actually have one of your clients put a review on your Google business profile that carries a lot more weight. So if you can do that, those things that will help get your, your online presence going and your online reputation, uh, going as well.

Couldn’t agree more with that. Um, with that being said, folks, I want to thank you guys for tuning in. Uh, if you’ve gotten value out of this, if you think that this is, you know, a good episode, something that you, you got something out of, I’m going to encourage you guys, I hate asking for reviews simply because I already know you guys won’t do it.

Let’s just be real. You don’t write reviews, you don’t give thumbs up and all that stuff, but. I’m going to ask this because, and this is what I love the most about the real estate space. We love to kind of like take care of our own. We love to help our own. We love to get in rooms and mastermind together and all that because then you don’t necessarily see that in a lot of different industries.

And since we, we feel that way, if, if this was valuable to you, I encourage you to send this. To somebody else that’s in the industry. That’s maybe, you know, in a different market that you’re really close with that you guys, you know, or gals kind of support each other with and make sure that they, they heard it.

If you just did that and we could help get that word around, uh, I think it would be far better than any review or thumbs up or five stars that, uh, that you can click. And then if you got value out of this and you want Roger and I to do more topics, like this was a little bit different topic, right? It wasn’t all marketing focused.

It was a little bit of theory, a little bit of psychology, a little bit of, of talking the, the, the trends of things that are happening right now. And then how does that affect the marketing side? I know we didn’t go too deep into actual tactics of marketing. But if this is something that you guys like, don’t hesitate, hit us up on social media at Sean Tiberio or at Roger Valdez Marketing.

And just let us know, hey, that was a really good episode. I’d love for you guys to go deeper on something like that, or hey, I’d love for you to go, if you’re willing, you know, do these type of topics. We want to continue to create content, and it makes no sense for us to create content that isn’t valuable for you.

We want to make sure that it’s valuable for you, that you guys get value out of it. And that you’re able to implement something into your business because we want to see everybody get through the next two, three, five years, uh, from now and not look back and be like, man, I wish I, I wish I made that adjustment.

So anything you want to leave with everybody before we sign off today? I think this was a really powerful one, a lot of good information. So just, uh, get in there, rewatch this if you need to, um, take some of those tips and, and go do your thing. Alright, with that being said, folks, we’ll see you guys around on a future episode.

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