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More Local Real Estate Businesses are Using Google My Business. Here’s Why

by | Aug 25, 2022

Google My Business Profile is one of the best tools real estate marketers use to work with local businesses. Research shows 88% of consumers who search via a mobile device for local products or services will call or visit a store within 24 hours. Plus, 97% of consumers say they learn more about local businesses online than anywhere else. These two impressive figures show how important it is for local real estate businesses to have a strong online presence.

Your first step toward a successful online presence is to optimize your real estate business for Google My Business. The best way to make the most of your Google Business Profile is to follow this comprehensive guide.

How to Set Up Your Google My Business Profile

Setting up your Google My Business profile for your real estate business can be done in six easy steps.

  1. You’ll need a Google Account before you can create a Google local listing. You can get one for free. Then, go to and click ‘Manage now’ to get started.
  2. Type in the business name to see if there’s already a profile. You will see it appear as you type if it does. Click ‘Add your business to Google’ if the name doesn’t come up. You don’t have to worry if someone already created a Google Business Profile for your business. You can ask to take over management of the profile. Click ‘Request Access’ and you’ll be guided through the process.
  3. The next step is to add the business name and category to your new profile. Make sure you use the same name as your official business name. You shouldn’t add any keywords to the name as it violates Google’s guidelines.
  4. Next, pick the category that most closely matches your business. Later, you can edit this in your profile and add more categories, so don’t worry if you’re not sure what to pick.
  5. You’ll need to share your physical location if customers can visit it for face-to-face interactions. Select ‘Yes’ and click ‘Next’ if that’s the case. Choose ‘No’ if the business only operates online, or if it has a physical location but doesn’t get customers in person. Give the address if the business has a physical location. You might need to put a pin on the map to confirm the location.
  6. Next, add the business’ contact info. There’s a phone number to enter and a website you can add. You can also add business hours to let potential customers know the best time to contact you.
  7. Lastly, you’ll need to choose a verification method to prove the business is actually at the address. Mailing a postcard to the business address is the most common way to verify, but you can also do it by phone or email.

Tips on Making the Most of Google My Business

As soon as your listing is good to go, you’ll want to optimize Google My Business for maximum visibility and conversions.
Here are some essential ongoing tasks:


Add photos and videos

Search engines love photos and videos because they help searchers visualize your business. Customers can add their own photos and videos to the listing, and some will do that when they leave a Google review. It’s a good idea to mix in some of your own photos with the user-generated content since you won’t be able to choose the order in which the photos appear on your listing.


Use the Google Business Profile Q&A

Having a list of commonly asked questions gives potential customers more information about your business.


Create Google Business Profile Posts

Make the most of this feature to showcase offers and promotions that potential customers will love.


List your services

By listing your services on your profile, potential customers will get a glimpse of what you offer, and they can visit your website to learn more.

Learn How to Maximize Google My Business with Us

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