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This is Why You Need a Social Media Manager for Your Real Estate Business

by | Nov 15, 2022

In today’s real estate industry, digital marketing for real estate professionals is absolutely crucial to your success. Understandably though, many real estate agents don’t invest enough in internet marketing for real estate. With all the responsibilities that an agent has to handle, the smarter choice would be to find a real estate marketing consultant or someone who can handle your digital marketing efforts.

It may come with a cost but rest assured that it’ll be worth it. To help you make the decision, REI Toolbox is here with the top reasons why you need to hire a social media manager for a real estate brand now.

They can help foster your relationship with your customers

Social media marketing is important because it can help businesses build relationships with customers. Social media alone might not ensure that it will result in direct sales. However, it may assist businesses in taking steps toward that goal. One step of which, as you might expect, is creating relationships with potential clients.

As more of these connections are made, opportunities will come in for you organically. And to make sure these connections are developed naturally and nurtured appropriately, hiring a social media manager should be a key part of your strategy.

Facilitate content creation

Hiring a social media manager for your real estate business dedicated to managing your social media properties will make sure that the page is always updated with relevant content. This also means that they can ensure that posts are published at the right time, every time.

Your social media following will increase if you publish frequently and consistently. Organic growth will come to you as a result, and your followers will always know what to expect when they look out for your content.

Hiring a social media manager ups the quality of your customer service

While customer service has traditionally been done face-to-face, over the phone, or over email, it’s much easier to manage most customer service concerns using social media instead. There are two main ways that a social media manager for a real estate page can help with customer service.

Your social media manager will be handling your pages during office hours so they can be there to receive and respond to any messages sent to your business’ profile. From there, customer inquiries or complaints can be addressed quickly.

A social media manager will also read and respond to comments throughout the day. They can reply to positive feedback or address any negative comments while offering help. Not only does this help foster the relationship with a customer but can turn a potentially negative experience into a good one.

Gain insights from analytics

Having a manager overseeing all of your social media activities might help you optimize your current social media strategy. They can keep your brand flexible by switching objectives, creatives, or content if your existing initiatives aren’t yielding the best results.

A social media manager who monitors campaigns over time will be able to tell if a method is losing its effectiveness or if the plan needs to be changed. When reporting at the end of the month, this adds a ton of value since they will present:

  • What was done that month?
  • How well did this month perform in comparison to earlier months?
  • What actions are required next?

Stay on top of your social media marketing

As you might have surmised from the other reasons, there are a lot of things that need to be dealt with to maintain your social media presence. There’s content scheduling & publishing, monitoring & responding to customer inquiries, engaging with your customer base, and keeping an eye on your data and analytics.

Having someone who can stay on top of all of this is truly valuable when you have the rest of your responsibilities waiting for you. You don’t have to worry about your social media accounts and run a company at a same time when you get a dedicated social media manager for your real estate brand.

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Social media marketing is just one of the handful of ways you can market your real estate business more effectively. With REI Toolbox, you can learn all the secrets that can help you stay on top when it comes to implementing the right digital marketing strategies for real estate investors. Get in touch with today at (775) 451-2322 and see how we can help you take your real estate business to the next level.

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