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Recent Google Algorithm Changes and How They Affect SEO

by | Jun 6, 2022

The greatest approach to keep your material as up to date as possible is to stay up with the most recent Google algorithm changes so you can adapt your content to match search requirements. The newest SEO algorithms by Google are meant to push irrelevant data away and promote high-quality information, allowing your brand’s efforts to be rewarded fairly.

How can we keep up with the latest Google updates? We break down the Google SEO algorithm so you can apply the appropriate recommendations to get your material in front of the audience you’ve been aiming for all along.

According to Google, here is how the new algorithm intends to affect product reviews online:


It's all about the details

User experience points out that product reviews should include more specifics about the user experience. Visuals, links, audio, and other relevant information are included in these details.

Compare products similar to yours

Customers want to know what sets your product apart from the other competitor products.

Real Testimonials Really Work

If you can show real people who have used your products, that’s even better! People are more likely to trust other consumers over a faceless entity, so hearing about someone else’s great experience with your business can go a long way.

The more detailed, the better

Explain how the product has evolved and what improvements it has made over time, as well as pros, drawbacks, and other information on how to use the item.

Search engines will reward high-quality sites

It might be time for you to take a look at your content, as Google’s algorithm now has shifted focus to cracking down on templated content. While not perfect yet, it’s getting more and more adept at doing so. They won’t hold you responsible for using numerous sources to complement your material, but you must make sure that the material you’re referencing isn’t identical to the content you’re utilizing. If it does, Google may consider your material a copycat blog and rank it lower in search results.

The best way to make sure your content is original and not templated is to come up with a original structure. If you want to use templates, try to change them up as much as possible so that they don’t look like the other pieces of content on the internet.

It may be time-consuming, but quality sites will always be rewarded in Google search. So, it’s worth it in the long run!

Reports on Fluctuating Traffic on Websites!

If you’re keen on following your Website’s traffic, you might have noticed some drastic fluctuations in your website traffic recently. Multiple users have been reporting these types of fluctuations since as early as March 18th, 2022. While Google has yet to release an official statement regarding the matter, it’s safe to say that these reports are credible considering the sheer number of users who have come forward.

Some people are saying that they’ve seen a drop in traffic of up to 40%. However, this decrease is usually followed by a quick uptick in traffic again. It doesn’t seem to be affecting any one type of content more than others. Because of this, it’s always best to have contingency plans in place in case you experience a sudden drop in traffic.

The initial rollout will affect product reviews

It will take a few weeks for the core updates to roll out. The first articles that will be affected are product reviews. So, you should review all of your product review content to make sure they are good enough to be bumped up in search. Consider the tips above as a solid starting point!

If you have a product that’s being affected by these latest updates, it might be time to head to the drawing board and come up with new and improved content strategies that can get you the ranking results you need and improve your overall online visibility.

Google will boost the credibility of expert-written product reviews

Because of Google’s recent changes, in-depth product evaluations written by specialists are sure to receive a boost in traffic. This is your signal to hire writers who know their stuff and have a lot of expertise in the sector they’re covering!

In order to improve your ranking on Google, you need to have content that is backed up by research. But you also need to add your own professional insights about the products you’re reviewing. Just remember that Google is good at detecting false information, so it’s important to get expert opinions to help improve your ranking.

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